Child support

Child support,

Definition of Child support:

  1. Court-ordered payments, typically made by a noncustodial divorced parent, to support ones minor child or children.

  2. Payments made to the custodial parent as a method of compensating the parent for the expenses associated with raising and sheltering a child. Child support payments are determined by a court of law and are based on the income level of the other parent. Current laws imposed stiff fines and even possible jail time for a parents failure to make child support payments.

How to use Child support in a sentence?

  1. The defendant was forced to pay child support so it was automatically deducted from his bank account by the state and the employer.
  2. The girl wanted him to pay child support because of how little money she had and how much anger she had towards him.
  3. If you have kids and then get a divorce you may have to pay child support which can be taken right out of your paycheck.
  4. Erving seems to have been a perfect noncustodial parent in regard to child support.

Meaning of Child support & Child support Definition

Child Support,

Child Support:

  • Payments to a former spouse or legally separate spouse for childcare. In principle, child support payments are neither taxed nor deductible.

  • Payment under a divorce or separation agreement to support a child. Payments cannot be deducted by the payer, nor is it considered taxable income for the recipient.

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Meanings of Child:
  1. A young person who has not yet reached puberty or is not of legal age.

Sentences of Child
  1. Has played tennis since childhood

Synonyms of Child

boy, girl, little one, youngster, young one


Meanings of Support:
  1. Supports some or all of the weight of the binder.

  2. Help, especially economic action or permission to act.

  3. Suggest the truth to confirm it.

  4. Permission to use or operate (program, language or device) (computer or operating system)

  5. Endures endurance

  6. Something that supports the weight of an object.

  7. Material aid

Sentences of Support
  1. With the help of the dome there are one hundred white pillars

  2. The government provides 2.5 2.5 billion annually for volunteer activities

  3. Studies support our findings

  4. Newer versions do not support GUI standards

  5. I can bear the pain at work during the day

  6. The best mount for a camera is a tripod

  7. He called for military assistance to protect the human convoy.

Synonyms of Support

assist, hold up, bear, keep, suffer, abide, aid, buttress, carry, subsistence, validate, authenticate, foundation, brace, shoulder, underpin, pillar, substantiate, sustenance, give force to, sustain