Definition of Chief:

  1. Term used to describe a person in authority or power. Generally a slang term for boss or supervisor.

  2. Having more authority or importance relative to another. For example, an employees chief responsibilities are typically the very important tasks that only that employee has the skills to complete, or the tasks that are crucial to the operation of the company.

  3. A leader or ruler of a people or clan.

  4. An ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across the top of the shield.

  5. Most important.

Synonyms of Chief

Leader, Chieftain, Head, Headman, Ruler, Overlord, Master, Commander, Suzerain, Seigneur, Liege, Liege lord, Potentate, A per se, Big Brother, Ace, Achievement, Acmatic, Alerion, All-absorbing, Animal charge, Annulet, Anointed king, Antecedent, Anterior, Apical, Arch, Argent, Armorial bearings, Armory, Arms, Ascendant, At the head, Auditor, Azure, Bandeau, Banner, Bar, Bar sinister, Baton, Bearings, Bend, Bend sinister, Big cheese, Big wheel, Big-timer, Bigwig, Billet, Blazon, Blazonry, Boatswain, Bordure, Boss, Broad arrow, Bwana, Cadency mark, Canton, Capital, Captain, Cardinal, Central, Champion, Chaplet, Charge, Chef, Chevron, Chieftain, Church dignitary, Coat of arms, Cock, Cockatrice, Commander, Commanding, Comptroller, Consequential, Consummate, Controller, Controlling, Coronet, Crescent, Crest, Cross, Cross moline, Crown, Crowned head, Crowning, Dean, Device, Dictator, Difference, Differencing, Dignitary, Directing, Directive, Directorial, Directory, Dominant, Doyen, Doyenne, Duce, Dynast, Eagle, Ecclesiarch, Effective, Elder, Electronics king, Eminence, Emperor, Employer, Ermine, Ermines, Erminites, Erminois, Escutcheon, Essential, Exordial, Falcon, Fess, Fess point, Field, File, First, First and foremost, Flanch, Fleur-de-lis, Floor manager, Floorman, Floorwalker, Focal, Fore, Foregoing, Forehand, Foreman, Foremost, Forward, Fret, Front, Frontal, Fugleman, Fuhrer, Fur, Fusil, Gaffer, Ganger, Garland, General, Genius, Goodman, Governing, Governor, Grand duke, Great, Greatest, Griffin, Guiding, Gules, Guru, Gyron, Hatchment, Head, Heading, Headman, Headmost, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, Helmet, Heraldic device, Hierarch, High chief, High priest, Higher-up, Highest, Himself, Honcho, Honor point, Husband, Impalement, Impaling, Imperator, Important, Important person, In ascendancy, In charge, In chief, In the ascendant, Inescutcheon, Initiatory, Inspector, Key, King, King-emperor, Kingfish, Kinglet, Kingpin, Label, Laureate, Lead, Leader, Leading, Leading light, Liege, Liege lord, Lion, Lord, Lord paramount, Lozenge, Luminary, Magisterial, Maiden, Main, Majesty, Major, Man, Manager, Managerial, Managing, Mantling, Marshaling, Martlet, Mascle, Master, Master spirit, Maximal, Maximum, Meridian, Meridional, Metal, Momentous, Monarch, Monitor, Motto, Mullet, Nombril point, Noncommissioned officer, Nonpareil, Notability, Number one, Octofoil, Or, Ordinary, Orle, Outstanding, Overlord, Overman, Overmost, Overriding, Overruling, Overseer, Padrone, Pale, Paly, Paragon, Paramount, Paterfamilias, Patriarch, Patron, Pean, Personage, Petty king, Pheon, Potent, Potentate, Precedent, Preceding, Precessional, Precursory, Predominant, Predominate, Preeminent, Prefatory, Preliminary, Preludial, Prelusive, Premier, Preparatory, Prepollent, Preponderant, Preponderate, Prepotent, Prevailing, Prevalent, Prevenient, Prima donna, Primal, Primary, Prime, Prince, Prince consort, Principal, Prior, Proctor, Prodigy, Proemial, Prominent, Propaedeutic, Purpure, Quarter, Quartering, Rabbi, Ranking, Regnant, Regulating, Regulative, Regulatory, Reigning, Ringleader, Rose, Royal, Royal personage, Royalty, Ruler, Ruling, Sable, Sahib, Saltire, Scutcheon, Seigneur, Seignior, Senior, Shield, Significant, Sirdar, Slave driver, Sovereign, Spread eagle, Star, Starets, Stellar, Straw boss, Subforeman, Subordinary, Summital, Super, Supereminent, Superintendent, Superior, Superman, Superstar, Supervisor, Supreme, Surveyor, Suzerain, Taskmaster, Teacher, Telling, Tenne, Tetrarch, The greatest, The most, Tincture, Tip-top, Top, Top dog, Topflight, Topmost, Torse, Tressure, Ultimate, Unicorn, Upmost, Uppermost, Vair, Vert, Vertical, Virtuoso, Visitor, Weighty, Wreath, Yale, Zenithal, Main, Principal, Most important, Uppermost, Primary, Prime, First, Cardinal, Central, Key, Focal, Vital, Crucial, Essential, Pivotal, Supreme, Predominant, Pre-eminent, Paramount, Overriding, Leading, Major, Ruling, Dominant, Highest

How to use Chief in a sentence?

  1. The chief reason for the spending cuts.
  2. The chief of the village.

Meaning of Chief & Chief Definition