Chief Judge

Chief Judge,

Chief Judge Definition:

Chief Judge definition is: Court President or Administrative Judge.

Literal Meanings of Chief Judge


Meanings of Chief:
  1. The head or ruler of a person or tribe.

  2. A common strip with a wide horizontal strip at the top of the protector.

  3. Most important.

Sentences of Chief
  1. Village head

  2. The main reason for the reduction in costs

Synonyms of Chief

primary, key, suzerain, commander, crucial, liege lord, ruler, predominant, ruling, dominant, paramount, leader, master, pre-eminent, head, major, prime, headman, principal, leading, essential, most important, overlord, supreme, overriding, vital, central, pivotal, highest


Meanings of Judge:
  1. Get an opinion or conclusion about it.

  2. An officer assigned to handle court cases.

Sentences of Judge
  1. It is difficult to decide whether such a contradiction can be justified

  2. Judges considered this aspect of public order and the judge has the right to change it.

Synonyms of Judge

come to the conclusion, justice, form the opinion, determine, conclude, His Honour, decide, Her Honour, Your Honour, magistrate