Chickarina Soup Song

Chickarina Soup Song

What's your all-time favorite commercial song? 3

There is always something you can't lose or want to bring back. Sometimes it is associated with pleasant memories. Did you see any of them?


Hello Silva! If you think DayO is hard to forget, try deleting the photos from my apology ... hahaha

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.

I would like a bacon. Enjoy!

Fry in a pan. Enjoy!

And never forget that you are a man.

Because I'm a fun woman!

Light does something with luminous light. Invisible, shine things.

Applause, (applause) applause (applause) applause. Bulgar!

I fell and I can't get up!

Ah, the meat?

Finally, in an old Federal Express ad, this very fast-talking man:

Peter, you did a great job. I put you in charge of Pittsburgh, Peter. I know Peter is perfect, so I chose Pittsburgh. Perfect Pittsburgh, Peter. Can i call you belly What about a deal? Are we doing business? We try Dave has a contract with Dawn, Dork and Dork, Dawn, Dave and ... I have to go, break ...

Oscar Meyer's song

I love ... Oscar Mayer ads ... Singing with kids Oh I want to be Oscar Mayer, I want to be that! Because if I were Oscar Mayor everyone would love me ... or something! How cute is that

Maynard's CA Wine Gum ... the best song ever!

I'm a drifting roller coaster ... you wake up when I tip.

And watch Pepsi dance with the guy in the car as he throws the girl in the air!

Chickarina Soup Song