Chi square (c2) test

Chi square (c2) test,

Definition of Chi square (c2) test:

  1. Relating to or denoting a statistical method assessing the goodness of fit between observed values and those expected theoretically.

  2. Goodness of fit test based on frequency of occurrence and used in determining how well the data obtained from an experiment matches the expected data. Applicable both to qualitative attributes and quantitative variables, it helps ensure the experimental results are statistically significant and have not been caused by chance events.

How to use Chi square (c2) test in a sentence?

  1. Being able to complete a chi square test will give you even more data to figure out the right way to progress.
  2. Associations between demographic factors and type of treatment were tested using the chi-square test.
  3. When you are breaking down a lot of data you should run a chi square test to make sure you are interpreting it correctly.
  4. The chi square test confirmed that our data was meaningful and that validation was great news to the head researcher.

Meaning of Chi square (c2) test & Chi square (c2) test Definition