Chi Chi Meaning

Chi Chi Meaning

Can someone translate Chi Chi for me from Italian to English?

Are you really italian Meaning in Spanish

. (By the way, in nineteen it means the same thing!)

Italian Chi Chi

If it's a person's name, it could be CiCi (Cheechee Ons). It will be the nickname of a person whose name sounds like Cecilia or Sanzia. Note that pizzeria is called Seesees. The Commoner spelled chichi so that non-Italians could spell it correctly.

Chi means small, so Chi Chi means small, but it really means baby.

I think you mean Cin Cin (written in English or French) which is like Cheers in English when people toast. It is also used in Quebec French with the same meaning.

Also use Italian greetings! When baking.

In 19, this is actually abusive.

Chi Chi Meaning