Chevy Malibu Key Stuck In Ignition

Chevy Malibu Key Stuck In Ignition

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After 6 months and 7,000 kilometers, when I parked the car, the key was in the ignition and I could not get it out. I had to turn the car on and off several times. I think it has to do with the fact that the car doesn't look parked (handle is loose?) Is this a known problem?

I lock the wheel like I do on other Chevys, but it doesn't.

Any help is appreciated.

I know the old Malibo had a problem with the shift lock system, I'm not sure, but the new ones might have a problem with the shift linkage adjustment, where the shift lever won't stop parking, but it could be a lock. Which is actually a system that detects if the car is parked or not, lock and lock can be a problem. Nothing above 10k is impossible, but the only thing you need to worry about is that the dealer will keep your car longer because it has a warranty now, pick it up and report the problem and they will check Will fix it if you do. There are still issues with sending it back. You should fix it for free, I mean, unless you care. Also note that if you receive a survey from GM after solving a problem, please remember to be fair as this is a dealer's newsletter for GM.

Return to Dealer. Also check with GM / Chevrolet for notes or service records. You should not have this problem with the new car, unless your key chain is too heavy. Only once I had this problem in a friend's car, but he is 12 years old and his key chain weighs 6 pounds. Finally, we exchange ignition keys.

The key to the ignition problem in 2001 Chevy Malibu st ... Solution ...

There is a cable on the gear shift that runs from the sw button on the dash to the gear shift. Disconnect the cable and slide it towards the sw button. Also remove the key console cylinder.

I don't know what the cylinder does, but if the cable is pulled a little (about 1/4 inch), the lock should not be removed from the software.

Distributors and warranties are for that. Get it and they'll fix it for free! Peace

This is a new car, take it to the dealer.

Chevy Malibu Key Stuck In Ignition