Cherry picking

Cherry picking,

Definition of Cherry picking:

  1. The process or process of selecting and using only elements, possibilities, etc. Depending on available or more.

  2. Selected selection is the process of selecting investments and transactions for investors and other institutions that are considered reliable and successful in the long run. .

  3. (1) when an investor refuses for any other investment strategy in the hope that the investment in the market will continue to perform well, or (2) when the bankrupt company has a profitable contract which Bankruptcy has been approved by the court, but the negative agreement has been canceled.

  4. Cherries are harvested by professional and private investors. Cherry harvesting does not usually involve research, but research is done from other reliable sources as well. While the selection process can lead to the selection of the best stock, it can also lead investors to ignore broader market parameters.

How to use Cherry picking in a sentence?

  1. This is more than a factual choice.
  2. Cheating has also been interpreted as fraud by investment managers who link profitable transactions to their personal accounts or to privileged customers.
  3. Cherry harvesting does not involve research, but research is used from other reliable sources.
  4. Cherry's choice consists of investing choices that make investors and other institutions feel trusted and successful. .

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