Chemical Dependency Inpatient

Chemical Dependency Inpatient,

How Do You Define Chemical Dependency Inpatient?

The definition of Chemical Dependency Inpatient is: In general, patient services for addiction include addiction treatment services that require hospital or other medical facilities.

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Meanings of Chemical:
  1. Chemistry or the interaction of substances that have been studied in chemistry.

  2. Compounds or substances are specially prepared purely or artificially.

Sentences of Chemical
  1. The chemical composition of the environment

  2. Never mix disinfectants with other chemical mixtures

Synonyms of Chemical

technical, technological


Meanings of Dependency:
  1. Dependent or subordinate matters, especially countries or provinces that are under the control of others.

Sentences of Dependency
  1. The islands became dependent on Norway and Denmark

  2. Depending on the state of the oil industry

Synonyms of Dependency

reliance, protectorate, colony, dependence, outpost, satellite, province, satellite state, dominion


Meanings of Inpatient:
  1. Patients who stay in the hospital during treatment.

Sentences of Inpatient
  1. Interestingly, however, it does not play an effective role in the treatment of common types of anemia in hospitalized patients.

Synonyms of Inpatient

sufferer, victim, sick person, case