So are you craving some tasty food and do not want to go outside any restaurant, or maybe you want some emergency stuff then you do not have to worry because Cheetay is offering yummy, delicious food on your doorstep at very reasonable prices.

Cheetay is an E-Commerce marketplace platform with the shopping of a logistics formation for satisfaction. Cheetay is a daily app improving the way people shop and run businesses in Pakistan. Previously Cheetay focused only on food delivery services. Cheetay has added several Pantry, Pharma, and Tiffin services for customer ease.

Website of Cheetay:

Logistics and Supply Chain.

Company size of Cheetay.PK:
201-500 employees.

Headquarters of Cheetay:
Located in Lahore, Punjab.

Privately Held.

Cheetay service was introduced in 2016 for people with ease.

Logistics, Menu, Delivery, E-Commerce, Technology, Marketing, and Product.

Reasons Why You Should Order from Cheetay Food:

Food! The first and forever favorite reason is food! There is yummy food on and where there is food there is a foodie!

Delivery at Your Doorstep:

If you’re not a very social person or busy at work, no worries, Cheetay.PK will deliver your food right to your doorstep. That is cool!

Deals at Cheetay.PK:

Who is up for discounts and deals?

cheetay.PK offers several discounted deals at your favorite food outlets. So save yourself some cash and order some good food from Cheetay.

High-quality service:

cheetay.PK makes sure all its consumers get the best service and will never disappoint you.


So, your mom wants you to bring her to buy groceries in this HEAT? Now you do not have to worry about this, Cheetay.PK will purchase groceries for you to

Save time:

Place your order on in one click, and you can save yourself from wasting a lot of time taking away or dining-in.

Track your Order at Cheetay.PK:

You have the option in the app to track your order; you can call your rider anytime and can check the progress of your order at any time. You will get updates about your order from this feature.

Forgot something while ordering?

Forgot to order something? Or you couldn’t find it in the store? Well, we got you covered! Call the Cheetah service and ask them to bring it along too.


There are all kinds of food. Be it pizza or fast food, some desi flavor, or a mesmerizing Chinese cuisine, cheetay.PK has got you all covered.

Netflix and

What’s the best combo in this extreme weather? Food and Netflix of course! Peruse yourself with some movies and order something from cheetay.PK and Chill. What a cool combination.

Food is always the answer:

Whatever the situation, always say yes to food and see how things get better. And from where to order? Well, you know it now, Cheety is a friendly service to provide you the best food at reasonable prices.

Dining-in vs take-away vs delivery:

An intelligent man always tries to get their food delivered when the delivery cost is as cheap as offers to customers.

DINE-IN? No worries!

TAKE-AWAY? No worries!

Delivery? Oh yes!

Promo Codes and Discounts at Cheetay.PK:

Cheetay cares about your pockets and your love for food and that is why Cheetay offers you the best promo codes to save your money because we love our foodies.

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Cheetay offers a new marketing category: Cheetay Books Will Available Soon

Having grown exponentially within the field of food delivery, their following aim is to go into other business verticals by employing their existing logistics base. Presenting books to the crowds is the next step. According to Cheetay.PK CEO Ahmed Khan , “Books may seem like an amazing category to putter into, but given that a large cross-section of society needs immediate access to school books, paper items, academic/college course bundles, etc. We are trying to launch a marketing category dedicated to giving a wide variety of books from school going kids in immediate need of textbooks and stationery to academy students in need of course packs or just your enthusiastic reader who favors the service and wants the book of his choice presented to his doorstep”.

Bringing technology to the fore through savvy articles set up on the website, Cheetay.PK wants to be compatible with the best of what e-Commerce has to give. For the latest category, the website will have a separate field providing to every type of publication available from Invention, Fantasy, Architecture, Biographies, Children’s Books, Machines and Technology, Food and Drinks, Medical Books, and a lot more. Having a supply of vendors from all across, the website will highlight not only several books but will have several sections and sub-categories for the public to pick from, such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mystery and Horror, Literature including Fiction, Politics and Social Sciences and many according to their choice.

Service at Cheetay.PK:

Cheetay aims to target all three categories of grocery shopping. Cheetay grocery is hyperlocal, which means that when you shop from, items will be delivered from your nearest superstore or kiryana store. Cheetay will make sure that you receive your order within 30 minutes, and charge a very low delivery charge.

What is Cheetay application?

Cheetay is Pakistan’s fastest-growing food transportation company. They are here to make your life easier. They give choices, so it’s simple for you to make. They give you something to deliver to your doorstep, so you don’t have to move out. They offer comfort, so you can save uptime.

How to remove an order on Cheetay?

After it has been received by the restaurant, they are incapable of cancel your order as the restaurant would have started preparing the order . You may however add items to your original order up to this point. For more help, you can call the call center on 042-111-119-666.

Conclusion on Cheetay.PK:

They have received $3.675 million in funding each year and are on course to raise an extra $10 million to build their mark in the ever-growing technology industry. Having changed their business range from food delivery to delivering health and beauty products, books, and groceries, they are now raising the ante through the launch of a new and enhanced website and a multi-category mobile app.