Definition of Checklist:

  1. Comprehensive list of important or relevant actions, or steps to be taken in a specific order. Not to be confused with a checksheet.

Synonyms of Checklist

Baedeker, Yellow Pages, Active list, Agenda, Beadroll, Bibliography, Blacklist, Business directory, Cadastre, Calendar, Catalog, Census, Census report, Checkroll, City directory, Civil list, Classified directory, Directory, Docket, Dramatis personae, Enumeration, Finding list, Guidebook, Handbook, Handlist, Head count, Honor roll, Index, Inventory, Itemization, Items, Itinerary, Jury list, Jury panel, Lineup, List, Muster, Muster roll, Nose count, Order of business, Phone book, Poll, Program, Property roll, Questionnaire, Reference book, Register, Registry, Repertory, Retired list, Returns, Road map, Roadbook, Roll, Roll call, Roster, Rota, Schedule, Scroll, Sick list, Tally, Tally sheet, Tax roll, Telephone book, Telephone directory

How to use Checklist in a sentence?

  1. Never forget to mark an x next to each goal youve completed on your handy dandy checklist , because if you forget, your life may depend on it.
  2. You should have a checklist that you follow any time that you are doing something that could be dangerous or hazardous.
  3. Before sending an email to the entire list of constituents, the checklist must be completed by multiple people to make sure all items are included in the email.

Meaning of Checklist & Checklist Definition

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