How Do You Define CHECKING SLIP?

  • Definition of CHECKING SLIP: A spreadsheet with a main page that replaces or supplementes the current page. Lists the page number for the main page, revision, or effective date, and usually provides a brief description of important changes. This checklist should be attached to the beginning of the manual (or section) after making changes for future reference and review. Modified pages can be left as clear in the manual as modified (we recommend this method) or discarded.

Literal Meanings of CHECKING SLIP


Meanings of CHECKING:
  1. Examine (something) to determine its accuracy, quality, condition, or the presence of an object.

  2. Stop or slow down progress (some, somewhat undesirable).

  3. (Passenger) left behind (luggage) in caring for accompanying carrier.

  4. Check or click (box) on the form, questionnaire, etc. to select specific options.

  5. Move the infantry or infantry to where it will ■■■■■■ (King of the Opposition).

  6. (In poker) chooses not to bet when called and allows other players to do so.

  7. Take a break to search or find perfume (from hunting dogs).

Sentences of CHECKING
  1. Customs officials have the right to inspect all goods.

  2. Many efforts have been made to control the disease.

  3. I checked my luggage and got my boarding pass.

  4. Users who want privacy should check the box that prevents their files from being shared.

  5. Move the horse to regain control of my king.

Synonyms of CHECKING

inspect, go into, retard, hamper, examine, put a brake on, monitor, interfere with, foil, block, investigate, thwart, test, bring to a standstill, survey, prevent, bar, go over with a fine-tooth comb, slow down, hold up


Meanings of SLIP:
  1. Loss of balance and involuntary slipping for short distances.

  2. Walk quietly or quickly without being distracted.

  3. Changes or transitions in less or worse or different state, usually gradual or unacceptable.

  4. Escape or escape from it (means of overcoming).

  5. The act of accidentally slipping a short distance.

  6. Low or normal level reduction.

  7. Beige dresses, usually short skirts.

  8. A defensive position (usually two or more in a goal) near the outside striker to catch the ball hitting the striker.

  9. Abbreviation for dry dock.

  10. A guide that allows you to release a dog quickly.

  11. Abbreviation of sliding stitch.

  12. A small piece of paper, usually a written form or a form with printed information.

Sentences of SLIP
  1. I slipped on the ice.

  2. We run through the back door.

  3. Many people think that the standard has fallen.

  4. The giant balloon came out of its dust

  5. A slide can knock them down a mountain.

  6. Continued decline in house prices

  7. Silk strip

  8. The 32-year-old was stuck on a slide for a long time

  9. He took his steamer to the shipyard to inspect his former master.

  10. Tommy runs like a slippery greyhound.

  11. One by one the colors should be woven into the striped panties.

  12. Receipt of your monthly payment.

Synonyms of SLIP

drop, go to pot, sprout, fall over, edge, plummet, stickie, glide, hit the skids, lose one's balance, decay, graft, do a runner, go down the tube/tubes, pad, sink, do a bunk, decrease, voucher, make one's escape, sheet, decline, regress