Checking account

Checking account,

Definition of Checking account:

  1. A bank account which pays little or no interest, but from which the customer can withdraw money when he or she wants by writing checks.

    Also called cheque account.

  2. An account at a bank against which checks can be drawn by the account depositor.

Synonyms of Checking account

Swiss bank account, Account, Assets, Balance, Bank account, Bank balance, Bottom dollar, Budget, Cash reserves, Charge account, Command of money, Credit account, Exchequer, Expense account, Finances, Fund, Funds, Kitty, Life savings, Means, Moneys, Nest egg, Pecuniary resources, Pocket, Pool, Purse, Reserves, Resources, Savings, Savings account, Substance, Treasure, Unregistered bank account, Wherewithal

How to use Checking account in a sentence?

  1. I neglected to balance my checking account for two months due to my busy schedule and now the task is going to take me several hours tonight to verify how much money I actually have in it.
  2. The difference is that she handles the money, keeps the chequing account balanced and the bills paid.
  3. It is important to have a checking account in USA because we all will likely need to receive checks or money.
  4. The checking account was low, so Dennis moved money from his savings account to finish paying his bills and get gas.

Meaning of Checking account & Checking account Definition