Definition of Check:

  1. Demand draft drawn on a bank against its makers (drawers) funds, to pay the stated amount of money to the bearer or named party, on presentment (demand) on a stated date or after. Whereas in the US a check is always a negotiable instrument, in the UK practice (where check is spelled as cheque) it can be made non-negotiable by crossing (see crossed check).

Synonyms of Check

CD, IOU, MO, X, A reckoning of, Abrade, Abrasion, Abysm, Abyss, Acceptance, Acceptance bill, Accord, Account, Account of, Agree, Allophone, Alveolar, Answer to, Aperture, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrestment, Arrive, Arroyo, Articulation, Ascertainment, Aspiration, Assent, Assimilation, Assort with, Assurance, Audit, Authenticate, Authentication, Autopsy, Backpedal, Backset, Backwater, Baffle, Bafflement, Baggage check, Balance, Balance the books, Balk, Balking, Band, Bank acceptance, Bank check, Bar, Bark, Barometer, Be consistent, Be of one, Be uniform with, Bearing rein, Beat off, Bell, Bespangle, Bespeckle, Bespot, Bilabial, Bill, Bill of account, Bill of draft, Bill of exchange, Bill of lading, Billhead, Birthmark, Bit, Blackhead, Blank check, Blaze, Blaze a trail, Bleb, Blemish, Blister, Block, Blockage, Blocking, Bloody, Blotch, Book stamp, Bookplate, Bottle up, Box canyon, Box up, Brake, Brand, Breach, Break, Bridle, Bring to, Bring up short, Broaching, Broad arrow, Bulla, Burn, Burst, Bust, Cachet, Cacuminal, Cage, Caging, Canon, Canvass, Canyon, Caste mark, Cavity, Cease, Cerebral, Certificate, Certificate of deposit, Certification, Certified check, Cessation, Chafe, Chain, Chalk, Chalk up, Chap, Charges, Chasm, Check, Check and doublecheck, Check in, Check of, Check off, Check out, Check over, Check up on, Checkbook, Checker, Checkerboard, Checkerwork, Checking, Checkmark, Checkmate, Checkrein, Checkup, Cheque, Chessboard, Chime, Chimney, Chink, Chip, Chit, Chock, Cicatrix, Cicatrize, Circumvent, Claw, Clearing, Cleave, Cleft, Cleuch, Clip the wings, Clog, Clogging, Cloister, Closing up, Closure, Clough, Cohere, Coincide, Col, Collate, Collation, Colophon, Colors in patches, Comedo, Comedown, Commercial paper, Comparative scrutiny, Compare, Concur, Concussion, Confine, Confinement, Confirm, Confirmation, Conform, Conform with, Confounding, Confusion, Consist with, Consonant, Constrain, Constraint, Constriction, Contain, Continuant, Control, Cool, Cool off, Cooling, Cooling down, Cooling off, Coop, Coop in, Coop up, Cooperate, Cork up, Correspond, Corroborate, Corroboration, Coulee, Couloir, Count of, Counter, Countercheck, Counterfoil, Countermark, Coupon, Crack, Crackle, Cramp, Cranny, Crater, Craze, Crazy-work, Crevasse, Crevice, Crib, Criterion, Croak, Cross-check, Curb, Curb bit, Curtail, Curtailment, Cut, Cut apart, Cut short, Cutoff, Cwm, Dam, Dam up, Damage, Damp, Dampen, Damper, Dapple, Dash, Dead stop, Deadlock, Debenture, Decelerate, Deceleration, Deface, Defacement, Defeat, Defect, Defile, Define, Deform, Deformation, Deformity, Degree, Delay, Delimit, Dell, Demand bill, Demand draft, Demarcate, Demonstrate, Dental, Depart, Descent, Desist, Detain, Detainment, Detention, Determination, Determine, Dike, Diphthong, Disclosure, Discolor, Discoloration, Discomfiture, Disconcertion, Discontinuance, Discontinuation, Discontinue, Discontinuity, Discover, Disfiguration, Disfigure, Disfigurement, Dissimilation, Distort, Distortion, Ditch, Docket, Dompt, Donga, Doorstop, Dot, Double-check, Dovetail, Down, Draft, Drag, Drag sail, Draw, Draw rein, Drift anchor, Drift sail, Drive back, Drogue, Due bill, Dun, Earmark, Ease off, Ease up, Ease-off, Ease-up, Encage, Enclose, End, Endgame, Ending, Engrave, Engraving, Enjoin, Ensuring, Epenthetic vowel, Establishment, Examination, Examine, Excavation, Exchequer bill, Exfoliate, Explore, Explosive, Fall in together, Fault, Fence in, Fend, Fend off, Fenestra, Fetter, Final whistle, Find out, Fissure, Fistula, Fit, Fit together, Fixation, Flagging, Flake, Flash burn, Flaw, Fleck, Flick, Flume, Foil, Foiling, Fontanel, Foot-dragging, Foramen, Fracture, Fray, Frazzle, Freckle, Freeze, Fret, Frustrate, Frustration, Full stop, Furrow, Gall, Gap, Gape, Gash, Gat, Gauge, Give an examination, Glide, Glottal, Glottalization, Go, Go over, Go together, Go with, Gorge, Govern, Government mark, Government stamp, Graduated scale, Graving, Grinding halt, Groove, Guard, Gulch, Gulf, Gully, Gun, Guttural, Hack, Hallmark, Halt, Hamper, Hampering, Hang together, Harlequin, Harmonize, Hat check, Hatch, Hem in, Hemangioma, Hesitation, Hiatus, Hickey, Hinder, Hindering, Hindrance, Hit, Hold, Hold at bay, Hold back, Hold down, Hold fast, Hold in, Hold in check, Hold in custody, Hold in leash, Hold in restraint, Hold off, Hold together, Hold up, Holdback, Holdup, Hole, Hollow, Hurt, Immure, Impede, Impediment, Impound, Impoundment, Impress, Imprint, Incise, Incision, Inhibit, Inhibition, Injunction, Injure, Injury, Inlet, Inspect, Inspection, Intercept, Interdict, Interfere, Interference, Interlock, Intermeddle, Interrupt, Interruption, Intersect, Interval, Intervene, Inventory, Investigate, Invoice, Iris, Itemized bill, Jibe, Joint, Jot, Keep, Keep at bay, Keep back, Keep from, Keep in, Keep in check, Keep in custody, Keep in detention, Keep off, Keep under control, Keloid, Kick the bucket, Kink, Kloof, Label, Labial, Labialization, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Lacerate, Laceration, Lacuna, Lag, Laryngeal, Lateral, Lay under restraint, Laying open, Leak, Leave, Legal restraint, Lentigo, Lesion, Let, Let down, Let up, Letdown, Letter of credit, Letterhead, Letup, Limit, Limitation, Line, Lingual, Liquid, Lock, Lockout, Lockup, Logo, Logotype, Look at, Look into, Look over, Lose ground, Lose momentum, Lose speed, Macula, Maculate, Maim, Make a mark, Make late, Make mincemeat of, Make sure of, Manifest, Manner of articulation, Mar, Marble, Marbleize, Mark, Mark off, Mark out, Marking, Marquetry, Martingale, Masthead, Match, Maul, Measure, Meddle, Mesh, Mew, Mew up, Milium, Minus acceleration, Moat, Model, Moderate, Modification, Mole, Money order, Monitor, Monophthong, Monopoly, Morphophoneme, Mortal wound, Mosaic, Motley, Mottle, Mute, Mutilate, Mutilation, Nasal, Needle scar, Negativism, Negotiable instrument, Nevus, Nick, Norm, Notch, Note, Note of hand, Nuisance value, Nullah, Observe, Obstruct, Obstruction, Obstructionism, Occlusion, 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How to use Check in a sentence?

  1. Many people will write a check for their purchase which guarantees a store in writing that the payment for a purchase will come through based on a piece of paper, versus cash or credit.
  2. While at the grocery store, I realized that I was out of cash and had no credit cards with me, so I wrote a check to pay for my groceries.
  3. If something keeps failing in your business plan you should continue to check up on it and see if you can find the problem.

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What is Check?

  1. A check is a written, dated and signed document instructing the bank to pay the amount to the holder. The person or institution that issues the check is called the payer or issuer, while the person who receives the check is called the recipient. Draz, on the other hand, is the bank where the check is drawn.

    • A check is a written, historical and signed document that commands the bank to pay a certain amount to the holder.
    • Another way to ask the bank is to transfer money from the payer's account to another person's or recipient's account.
    • Check features include date, recipient line, check amount, payee's note, and note line.
    • Types of checks include certified checks, bank checks, and payroll checks, also called payroll checks.

  2. A written order directing a financial institution, upon request, to immediately transfer the amount from the check issuer's account to the person whose name appears on the check or if no specific person is identified If so, to the check holder.

  3. Meaning of Check: Written orders that are deemed valid and should be paid directly by the bank. This includes pre-printed checks, passenger checks, money orders and draft checks.

Meanings of Check

  1. Examine (something) to determine its accuracy, quality, condition, or the presence of an object.

  2. Stopping or slowing growth (some undesirable)

  3. The (passenger) leaves (luggage) in the care of the carrier traveling with him.

  4. Click or click (box) to select specific options on forms, questionnaires, etc.

  5. Move on foot or on foot to ■■■■■■ (the opposing king).

  6. (In poker) chooses not to bet when called, so the action is sent to another player.

  7. Take a break (from hunting dogs) to confirm or find a scent.

  8. Investigations to check or verify accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

  9. Stop or postpone permanently.

  10. A movement in which an infantry or infantry opposes a king directly. If the defender cannot resist the ■■■■■■, the king is found.

  11. A written order to the bank to transfer a certain amount to the cash account. Restaurant bill

Sentences of Check

  1. Customs officials have the right to inspect all goods.

  2. Many attempts have been made to control the disease.

  3. I checked my luggage and got my boarding pass.

  4. Users who want privacy should check the box that prevents their files from being shared.

  5. Move your knight to regain control of my king

  6. Each player can check, bet, call or extend as usual and bet the required amount for each card.

  7. Campaign that requires regular inspection of gas appliances.

  8. There is no barrier to market expansion.

  9. An action that is not an arrest, failure or direct ■■■■■■.

  10. Received a check for 1,000.

  11. Game checks were useless until they put them in cages at casinos.

  12. When he went on the list, Jordan inspected all the company's products.

Synonyms of Check

assessment, inquiry, perusal, check-up, investigation, analysis, dissection, scrutinization, bring to a standstill


How To Define Check?

  • Check definition is: A check is a written, dated and signed document ordering the bank to pay the holder. The person or person who writes the check is called the issuer, while the person who receives the check is called the payer. The bank where most checks are issued.

    • A check is a written, dated and signed document that obliges the bank to pay the holder.
    • This is another way to transfer the NDS from the bank account to the beneficiary or to the person's account.
    • Check features include date, pay line, check amount, bill and bill line.
    • Types of checks include certified checks, bank checks, and payroll checks, also called payroll checks.

  • A written order directing a financial institution to immediately withdraw a certain amount from the check issuer's account at the request of the person whose name is on the check or pay in the absence of a nominee. Delivery of checks to the institution. .

  • A valid written order and must be paid directly through the bank. This includes pre-printed checks, traveler's checks, money orders and draft checks.

Meanings of Check

  1. Check to see if it is accurate, quality, condition, or the presence of an object.

  2. (Passenger) (baggage) left in care of accompanying carrier.

  3. Check or click (box) on the form, questionnaire, etc. to select specific options.

  4. Move the infantry or infantry to where it attacks (opponent's king).

  5. (In poker) chooses not to bet if called and allows other players to do so.

  6. Inspection to check or verify accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

  7. The stalemate continues.

  8. A movement in which an infantry or infantry directly attacks the king and the king can be joined.

  9. American spell to check.

  10. Identification document for luggage

  11. Another term for tick 1 (meaning name 1).

  12. Express approval or approval.

Sentences of Check

  1. I checked my luggage and received my boarding pass.

  2. Beautiful black and white plaid

  3. Blue plaid shirt

  4. They give you a check for 000 4,000.

Synonyms of Check

inquire into, look-see, give something a look-see, staunch, trial, monitoring, give something a going-over, give something a/the once-over, interfere with, once-over, go over with a fine-tooth comb, anatomization, put a brake on, stand in the way of, going-over, assay, go into


Check means,

  1. Kirsten Rohrs Schmidt is a prolific writer, author, editor and professional examiner. He has experience in finance, investment, real estate and world history. Throughout his career, he has written and edited content for various magazines and consumer websites, written resumes for companies and social media content, and content for universities and nonprofits. Kirsten is also the founder and director of Your Best Edit, you can find her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

    • A check is a written, dated and signed document instructing the bank to pay the holder.
    • Another way to apply to a bank is to transfer money from the rs account to the beneficiary or person's account.
    • Check features include date, recipient line, check amount, bill, and bill line.
    • Types of checks include certified checks, bank checks, and payroll checks, also called payroll checks.

  2. Meaning of Check: A written order in which, at the request of a financial institution, an order is made to immediately withdraw a certain amount from the check issuer's account for the person whose name is on the check or, if the name of a particular person is not , Then to deliver the check to the institution. For payment.

  3. A valid written order and must be paid directly through the bank. This includes pre-printed checks, passenger checks, money orders and draft checks.

Meanings of Check

  1. Examine (something) to determine its accuracy, quality, condition, or presence.

  2. Stopping or slowing down progress (something, usually something undesirable).

  3. (Passenger) leaves (luggage) in the care of his fellow traveler.

  4. Check or click (the box) to select specific options on forms, questionnaires, etc.

  5. (In poker) chooses not to bet on calls and allows other players to do so.

  6. Stop (from the dog) to confirm or find a scent.

  7. Inspection to check or confirm accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

  8. A move in which an infantry or infantry ■■■■■■ the king directly and the king can be joined.

  9. Counters used as a bet on the game of chance.

  10. Chess players use it to announce that their opponent has been defeated.

  11. They have checkered patterns.

  12. Request to pay the bank a certain amount from the user's account, written on a specially printed form.

Sentences of Check

  1. Many efforts have been made to control the disease.

  2. Users who want privacy check the box that prevents their files from being shared.

  3. Put the horse forward to control my king again

  4. Blue shirt

  5. They give you a check for 4,000.