Check out

Check out,

Definition of Check out:

  1. Procedure by which a hotel guest formally vacates his or her room and settles the hotel bill.

  2. Enter the price of goods in a supermarket into a cash machine for addition and payment by a customer.

  3. Settle ones hotel bill before leaving.

  4. Prove to be true or correct.

  5. Establish the truth or inform oneself about someone or something.

Synonyms of Check out

Audit, Autopsy, Balance, Balance the books, Buy it, Canvass, Cash in, Check, Check and doublecheck, Check in, Check over, Check up on, Clock out, Collate, Confirm, Conform, Conk, Correspond, Croak, Cross-check, Demonstrate, Die, Double-check, Dovetail, Drop, Drop off, Examine, Fit in, Gee, Give an examination, Go over, Go west, Harmonize, Have it, Have the qualifications, Inspect, Inventory, Jibe, Kick in, Kick off, Kick the bucket, Knock off, Look at, Look over, Measure up, Monitor, Observe, Overhaul, Overlook, Pass, Pass away, Pass out, Pass over, Pass under review, Peer at, Peg out, Peruse, Pipe off, Pop off, Pore over, Postmortem, Prove, Punch out, Qualify, Recheck, Review, Ring out, Run over, Scan, Scrutinize, Set an examination, Shove off, Sign out, Size, Size up, Square, Step off, Study, Survey, Take stock, Take stock of, Take the measure, Tally, Test, Triple-check, Validate, Verify, Leave, Vacate, Depart from, Exit from, Take ones leave from, Investigate, Look into, Inquire into, Probe, Research, Sound out, Examine, Go over, Go through, Vet

How to use Check out in a sentence?

  1. They decided to go and check out a local restaurant.

Meaning of Check out & Check out Definition