Cheapest To Deliver (CTD)

Cheapest To Deliver (CTD),

What is The Definition of Cheapest To Deliver (CTD)?

The term "cheap to delivery" (CTD) refers to the amount of money that can be provided in the long term to meet the terms of a futures agreement. This only applies to agreements that allow the provision of a large number of slightly different titles. This is common with Treasury Bond Futures, which generally indicate that any Treasury bond can be delivered as long as it is mature and has a certain coupon rate. The coupon rate is the interest rate that the bond issuer pays over the life of the bond.

  • The cheapest delivery price is the cheapest price that can be provided on a long term contract to meet the features of the contract.
  • This is common with futures treasury bonds.
  • Determining the cheapest bond for supply is necessary for short positions because there is a difference between the market value of the bond and the exchange factors used to determine its value.

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