Definition of Chattel:

  1. (in general use) a personal possession.

  2. Transferable personal property. It includes leasehold land (called chattel real) and furniture, jewelry, movable machinery, rights (such as copyright and patents), securities, vehicles, etc., (called chattel personal), but excludes freehold land and items such as fixtures or equipment permanently affixed to a building or the ground.

Synonyms of Chattel

Acquest, Belongings, Bondmaid, Bondman, Bondslave, Bondsman, Bondswoman, Captive, Chattel slave, Chattels, Churl, Concubine, Debt slave, Effects, Estate and effects, Galley slave, Goods, Havings, Helot, Hereditament, Holdings, Homager, Incorporeal hereditament, Lares and penates, Liege, Liege man, Liege subject, Movables, Odalisque, Peon, Possessions, Properties, Property, Serf, Servant, Slave, Subject, Theow, Things, Thrall, Vassal, Villein, Asset, Thing, Article, Item owned, Chattel

How to use Chattel in a sentence?

  1. There is no talk of compulsory acquisition or compensation: they are being forced to leave their homeland with nothing - no chattels, heirlooms or personal possessions.

Meaning of Chattel & Chattel Definition