How to use or CHARMDOG? ۔

Use for my ■■■■■■■■■■■ or eat for charmdog, infected sheep. He already had parasitic anemia and a corneal infection he couldn't catch. How to use food poisoning? Is there any danger?

Read Bola and then wash your dog and tell him there and then wash him very well ...

And not the local Tritax where it's only for cheap gifts and not for the backyard .... blz!

You need to soften 1 25 ml bottle in 20 liters of water and place your animal completely. Use almost anything to drive as a Yuto. Let it dry and rinse. Forbidden weekdays or usually as a locker room. Reserve 2 or 3 liters and spray or your own yard of everything. Walls in blocks, patents, strawberries. To completely remove the poison, dissolve 25 ml of Colossus poison in 10 liters of water and turn to crush the entire yard. Repeat this process at least 2 times every 30 days. What was the problem some time ago and another when he was out for 30 days. I have helped you find a cure for many years.

My friend says I want to get rid of his dog from time to time. He is very good. He does not kill ticks. Send my ■■■■■■■■■ to the following message or manufacturer

It will stir my heart

I recommend taking it to the doctor if they tell you how to use it and if used follow the instructions correctly and be careful!

The ■■■■, as its name implies, is already poison.

Then it is good to hire any specialist as a water worker or veterinarian.