Charitable Immunity

Charitable Immunity,

How To Define Charitable Immunity?

  1. Charities are not liable under the Obligations Act under charitable exemptions laws. In previous years, the charitable exemption theory provided a high level of legal protection for churches and religious institutions, but now most states have removed (or severely restricted) the protection of immunity in their jurisdiction. Where most of the effects are found, the state's charitable exemption laws may provide some protection for volunteers and possibly others affiliated with religious institutions, but perhaps not the same for religious institutions.

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Meanings of Charitable:
  1. It's about helping people in need.

  2. You can judge others with kindness and generosity.

Sentences of Charitable
  1. Charity is the same as caring for the sick

  2. At the very least, the agency wants you to resign

Synonyms of Charitable

tolerant, understanding, doing good works, easy-going, kind-hearted, indulgent, generous to a fault, considerate, liberal, beneficent, compassionate, mild, humanitarian, lenient, moderate, gracious, broad-minded, philanthropic, tender-hearted, forgiving, kindly, altruistic, sympathetic, kind, benevolent, generous


Meanings of Immunity:
  1. Biological ability to fight certain infections or toxins through the action of specific antibodies or sensitive leukocytes.

Sentences of Immunity
  1. Apparently typhoid has increased immunity.

Synonyms of Immunity

lack of susceptibility to, resistance to, ability to fight off, protection from, non-susceptibility to, ability to counteract, ability to withstand, defences against, resilience to