Charitable Contribution

Charitable Contribution,

Charitable Contribution Definition:

  • Donation of cash or property to a quality charity for tax deduction. You must have a receipt or bank statement (such as an invalid check) to confirm a cash donation. Donations of $ 250 or more should be accepted by the charity.

Literal Meanings of Charitable Contribution


Meanings of Charitable:
  1. Related to helping people in need

  2. You can judge others sincerely or positively.

Sentences of Charitable
  1. Charity is a way to take care of the sick

  2. Less profitable people are being asked to leave

Synonyms of Charitable

philanthropic, humanitarian, humane, altruistic, benevolent, beneficent, welfare, public-spirited, socially concerned, doing good works, magnanimous, generous, generous to a fault, liberal, tolerant, moderate, easy-going, broad-minded, understanding, considerate, sympathetic, lenient, indulgent, forgiving, kind, kindly, compassionate


Sentences of Contribution
  1. Welfare donations

Synonyms of Contribution

donation, gift, benefaction, offering, present, handout