Chapeuzinho Vermelho Em Ingles

Chapeuzinho Vermelho Em Ingles

What about singing Chapen Vermel in English? 3


On the road, I'm fixing alone, take twelve of them for Grandma. He lives on the road and in the desert, and the wolf can run away. A little further on, I heard more than the original version (Peas © ©, the Chapen no £ or © © sileira!) © sung hair WOLF, and this is:

On the side of the road, I agreed to take these good grandmothers with me. He lives far away and the streets are deserted and there is a big bad wolf somewhere.

My translation:

On the road, I walked alone, so I left this lovely essay with my grandmother. He lives far away, the road is lonely and the big bad wolf can be near him.

Whether or not some downloads have been translated from the site.

Chapeuzinho Vermelho Em Ingles