Definition of Chaos:

  1. A seemingly random and unexpected trend or behavior or behavior of a complex system in which small changes in the initial conditions can lead to big changes over time. Although chaos means complete confusion and confusion in common parlance, in mathematics it means that the equations that represent the nine linear system are very sensitive to initial input. And although these systems are somewhat regular, it is impossible to predict their future behavior with much certainty. The term was coined by American mathematicians Tian Lian Lee and James A. York in their 1975 article, "Parade 3 Amplix Chaos," which discusses the function of logistics. However, the authors do not define chaos and, despite its popularity, the term (as a system) remains without a generally accepted definition. See also system of chaos.

Synonyms of Chaos

Anarchy, Untenacity, Nihilism, Flutter, Diffusion, Broil, Scattering, Disturbance, Turbulence, Storminess, Messiness, Light-year, Wildness, Tumult, Incoherence, Pandemonium, Fuss, Daze, Noncohesion, Outer space, Separateness, Rumpus, Space, Mobocracy, Dislocation, Indefiniteness, Unsettlement, Discombobulation, Mist, Snafu, Inconsistency, Cloud, Uproar, Indecisiveness, Ruffle, Cosmic space, Confusion, Perturbation, Racket, Lynch law, Perplexity, Mix-up, Furor, Unruliness, Hubbub, Dissolution, Haze, Unclearness, Mob rule, Ferment, Shapelessness, Anarchism, Disorganization, Haziness, Pother, The void, Empty space, Amorphism, Maze, Stew, Ether space, Hassle, Rebellion, Frenzy, Ochlocracy, Amorphousness, Jumble, Parsec, Sweat, Metagalactic space, Mistiness, Entropy, Cacophony, Dispersal, Disconcertion, Ruckus, Primal chaos, Fabulous formless darkness, Pucker, Bewilderment, Discontinuity, Vagueness, Criminal syndicalism, Bother, Flap, Pressureless space, Unadherence, Bedlam, Obscurity, Celestial spaces, Discreteness, Fanaticism, Ebullition, Tohubohu, Foofaraw, Bluster, Rage, Flurry, Fluster, Disruption, Mob law, Upset, Fuzziness, Flummox, Embroilment, Syndicalism, Disorderliness, Shuffle, License, The void above, Fog, Astronomical unit, Disjunction, Muddlement, Fume, Ocean of emptiness, Foul-up, Blurriness, Fuddlement, Screw-up, Unadhesiveness, Interstellar space, Antinomianism, Morass, Discomposure, Swivet, Anarcho-syndicalism, Tempestuousness, Fomentation, Furore, Zeal, Tizzy, Passion, Nonadhesion, Disorder, Mess, Fury, Tumultuousness, Muddle, Misrule, Discomfiture, Botheration, Brawl, Aloofness, Indeterminateness, Agitation, Lawlessness, Commotion, Befuddlement, Zealousness, Revolution, Orderlessness, Embarrassment, Dispersion, Row, Formlessness, Fuddle, Disorientation, Brouhaha, Turmoil, Amorphia

How to use Chaos in a sentence?

  1. The apartment complex where he lives is so chaotic that pirates run with their training.
  2. You may think that when things go wrong, chaos ensues, but you need to stay calm.
  3. Office Overtime has been a scene of confusion caused by Sally's tendency to be over-energized during Christmas parties that made her famous.

Meaning of Chaos & Chaos Definition