Definition of Channel:

  1. Direct toward a particular end or object.

  2. General: Conduit for delivering goods, services, or information.

  3. A band of frequencies used in radio and television transmission, especially as used by a particular station.

  4. A length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.

  5. Marketing: Means employed to distribute goods or services from producers to consumers.

  6. A tubular passage or duct for liquid.

  7. Internet: Website which broadcasts (pushes) requested content to subscribers.

  8. Communications: Path an electrical signal (such as a telephone conversation) or electromagnetic signal (such as radio or TV broadcast) follows.

  9. (of a person) serve as a medium for (a spirit).

  10. A groove or furrow.

  11. A medium for communication or the passage of information.

  12. An electric circuit which acts as a path for a signal.

Synonyms of Channel

Convey, Transmit, Transport, Conduct, Direct, Guide, Bear, Carry, Relay, Pass on, Transfer, Means, Medium, Instrument, Mechanism, Agency, Vehicle, Route, Avenue, Course, Method, Mode, Strait, Straits, Sound, Neck, Arm, Narrows, Passage, Sea passage, Stretch of water, Waterway, Channel, Broadcasting organization, EDP, Access, Adolescent stream, Adviser, Aisle, Alley, Amateur band, Ambulatory, Announcer, Annunciator, Aperture, Approach, Approaches, Aqueduct, Arcade, Arroyo, Artery, Authority, Avenue, Band, Basin, Beck, Bed, Bit, Blowhole, Bottleneck, Bottom, Bourn, Braided stream, Branch, Brook, Brooklet, Burn, Canal, Canalization, Canalize, Carry, Carve, Chamfer, Channelize, Chisel, Chute, Citizens band, Cloister, Colonnade, Communicant, Communication, Communication explosion, Communication theory, Communicator, Conduct, Conduit, Connection, Convey, Corridor, Corrugate, Coulee, Course, Covered way, Crack, Creek, Crick, Crimp, Cut, Dado, Data retrieval, Data storage, Debouch, Decoding, Defile, Dike, Direct, Ditch, Door, Duct, Egress, Electronic data processing, Emunctory, Encoding, Engrave, Enlightener, Entrenchment, Entropy, Escape, Estuary, Exhaust, Exit, Expert witness, Fairway, Ferry, Floodgate, Floor, Flowing stream, Flume, Flute, Fluviation, Ford, Fosse, Frequency band, Fresh, Freshet, Funnel, Furrow, Gallery, Gash, Gill, Goffer, Gossipmonger, Gouge, Grapevine, Groove, Ground, Guide, Gully, Gutter, Ha-ha, Incise, Informant, Information center, Information explosion, Information medium, Information theory, Informer, Inlet, Interchange, Intersection, Interviewee, Isthmus, Junction, Kennel, Kill, Lane, Lazy stream, Lead, Loophole, Meandering stream, Means, Medium, Midchannel, Midstream, Millstream, Moat, Monitor, Mouthpiece, Moving road, Narrow, Narrows, Navigable river, Neck, Newsmonger, Noise, Notifier, Ocean bottom, Opening, Out, Outcome, Outfall, Outgate, Outgo, Outlet, Overpass, Pass, Passage, Passageway, Path, Pipe, Pipeline, Pleat, Plow, Police band, Pore, Port, Portico, Press, Public relations officer, Publisher, Put through, Put through channels, Rabbet, Race, Racing stream, Radio, Radio channel, Railroad tunnel, Redundancy, Reporter, Rifle, River, Rivulet, Road, Run, Rundle, Runlet, Runnel, Rut, Sally port, Score, Scratch, Sea lane, Seaway, Ship route, Shortwave band, Signal, Sike, Siphon, Slit, Sluice, Source, Spill stream, Spiracle, Spokesman, Spout, Standard band, Steamer track, Strait, Streak, Stream, Stream action, Streamlet, Striate, Subterranean river, Sunk fence, Tap, Television, Teller, Throat, Tipster, Tout, Traject, Trajet, Transmit, Trench, Trough, Tube, Tunnel, Underpass, Vent, Ventage, Venthole, Vomitory, Wadi, Watercourse, Waterway, Way, Way out, Weir, Witness, Wrinkle

How to use Channel in a sentence?

  1. When you are shipping something you must make sure that it goes through the correct channel to arrive on time.
  2. Fish eggs have a small channel called the micropyle.
  3. During times of war, it is often necessary to find a new channel for buying the supplies that use to be available at local stores.
  4. Advertisers channel money into radio.
  5. The bay includes saltmarsh, shallow and open water, tidal channels, mudflats and numerous islands, and a freshwater pond.
  6. She was channeling the spirit of Billie Holiday.
  7. They didnt apply through the proper channels.
  8. An audio channel.
  9. If you have some important information to pass on to someone make sure it goes through the correct channel so others dont see.
  10. Under this concept, multiple antennas simultaneously transmit different flows of data over one and the same radio channel and frequency band.

Meaning of Channel & Channel Definition