• CHANGE IN OCCUPANCY means: If the use or occupation of a building has changed (for example, a house with two or three families or partially or partially or purely for commercial or commercial purposes or vice versa), May result in changes. Insurers must be notified of risks (risk of loss) in use or classification Failure to notify may result in cancellation of insurance coverage. If the Company is notified and is more engaged in the change, the Company will have the option to cancel or adjust the premium to reflect this increase. The insurer may also request a premium adjustment if it believes the change will reduce the risk. (Registered Brokers (or Agents)).

Literal Meanings of CHANGE IN OCCUPANCY


Meanings of CHANGE:
  1. Modify (someone or someone) differently.

  2. Replace (something) with something else, especially something of the same kind that is new, or make something better than (something).

  3. Different clothes.

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  6. Coins are not notes.

  7. Ring of the bell.

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Sentences of CHANGE
  1. Both parties rejected the proposed legislative changes.

  2. He decided to change his name

  3. She went to eat

  4. Instead of waiting too long for passenger communication at various stations, there are many different lines changing from train to train.

  5. Change from nomadic society to agrarian society

  6. Small change

  7. Ringing the bell is a good exercise for the mind and body, the bell is too loud and callers need to remember these changes.

Synonyms of CHANGE

coinage, silver, transform, reverberation, loose change, copper, coins, convert, sound, sounding, gold, coppers, chime, small change, death knell, change, touch, carillon, make, coin, boom, ringing


Meanings of IN:
  1. Explain the situation of being surrounded by something or appearing surrounded by something else.

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Sentences of IN
  1. Wear your best Sunday dress

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at the end of, in style, up to the minute, modern, into the house, popular, into the room, in the middle of, within the confines of, trendsetting, into the building, following, during, in the course of, bang up to date, into the interior, in fashion, rising, home, at home, in vogue, within the bounds of, at its highest level


Meanings of OCCUPANCY:
  1. There are actions or facts.

Sentences of OCCUPANCY
  1. The house was finally ready for occupation

Synonyms of OCCUPANCY

use, inhabitation, residency, occupation, term, tenure, lease, multi-occupancy, possession, tenancy, residence, holding, owner-occupancy, habitation