Chambonea Meaning

Chambonea Meaning

What does chambonea mean in Spanish?

In Argentina, chambonear is a slang verb meaning something like jargon.

It is said that chambons (stupid boys) who do stupid things (chamboos) are often chambons (do foolish deeds).

Your question is about the meaning of CHAMBOEA,

The third person in the verb match indicates the singular ...

(I) am a chewing gum.

(You) your key

(That, that, that) That, that, [this] answer

(We) clap.

(du) du / du chambonean / chamboneƒis

(They) clap their hands.

But no, this action is not as insecure as I thought it was in the past.

I've never heard this word before in Spanish, maybe it's a word used for South Americans because every country has a different word (Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Cuba) and so on.

Can I find the answer to question 4?

Juice (Mexico)

Chambonea Meaning