What Does Challenge Mean?

The term used in jury trials to try to deport potential juror.

Meanings of Challenge

  1. Invite (someone) to compete.

  2. Demanding truth or veracity.

  3. Administration of an immunogenic or infectious agent to an animal or person to study or measure the effectiveness of a vaccine as a result of a protective response.

  4. Invitation to enter a contest or competition, especially a duel.

  5. An object or request for the authenticity of an object, often a supplementary request for proof

  6. Administration of an immunogenic or infectious agent to an animal or person to study or measure the effectiveness of a vaccine as a result of a protective response.

Sentences of Challenge

  1. Challenge one of my men to a duel

  2. I accept the challenge

  3. Challenges in ordering legal status

  4. Provocative studies, when conducted with care and ethics, yielded positive results.

Synonyms of Challenge

dispute with, opposition, disagree with, take exception to, protest against, dispute, bid, confront, invite, confrontation with, take issue with, object to, provocation, throw down the gauntlet to, dare, stand against, question, summon, test of, call into question, defy someone to do something

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What is The Meaning of Challenge?

  1. Challenge means: The term used in jury trials to refer to attempts to remove a jury member.

Meanings of Challenge

  1. To help someone compete in a competitive situation or to decide who is superior in terms of skill or strength.

  2. An appeal to prove or justify something.

  3. Exposure to pathogens or antigens to the immune system.

  4. Denial of truth or authenticity

  5. Invite (someone) to participate in the competition.

  6. Exposure to disease-causing organisms or antigens (immune system).

Sentences of Challenge

  1. Challenging the legality of the restraining order

  2. Newly vaccinated calves should be protected from exposure.

  3. It is possible to question the assumptions made in the report.

  4. Challenge one of my men to a fight.

Synonyms of Challenge

ultimatum, defiance, dissent from, demur about/against, summons, questioning of, be a dissenter from, disagreement with