Ch3 Lewis Structure

Ch3 Lewis Structure

Are you going to develop the Lewis structure of (CH3) 2S? Does it have 20 valence electrons?

A molecule does not have valence electrons, although it can have a pair of non-binding electrons, if you mean that.

Count the number of first electrons:

2 * 4 [2 for carbon] + 6 * 1 [6 for hydrogen] + 6 [for sulfur]

= Total 20 electrons. Still with me

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Sulfur appears to be the central atom with 2 CH3 groups attached. Since HC bonds will be individual (because of H and because there should be room for S bonds) and this also means that SC bonds must be individual, all molecules are single bonds.

S with 2 pairs of isolated electrons.

And yes, it looks like everyone has a byte (and a pair of H, 2 electrons because it's special :)). If you count the electrons, it should be 20, which is also the case. (The bond counts as two electrons, so 8 * 2 + 4 = 20).

For example, I help.

0. Chemical compound = (CH3) 2S

1. Count the number of valence electrons in your chemical compound.

Walk. = 2 (4) [carbon] + 2 (3) [hydrogen] + 1 (6) [sulfur] = 20

2. Our chemical compound tells us that two CH3 molecules are connected to the siller element.

You put it in your Sulr and connect the carbon left and right. Then add 3 hydrogen atoms to each carbon.

You use 16 EVs or [8 Link X2 EVs]. So you currently have 4 or [(20 16) EV] left.

They know that hydrogen needs only 2 electrons to be happy and that we have the most electrical element. So he put the other 4 EVs on the cylinder.


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Ch3 Lewis Structure