Definition of Cfa:

You can define Cfa as, Abbreviation for Chartered Financial Analyst. An individual who has passed the Economics, Accounting, Security Analysis and Money Management Test and is administered by the Chartered Institute of Financial Analysts of the Association of Investment Management and Research. The CFA must have at least three years of investment experience and adhere to certain standards of professional conduct. CFA has extensive business and investment experience and a high level of analysis. Individuals or companies use their services as security analysts, portfolio managers or investment advisors.

Meanings of Cfa

  1. For Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic, the base currency unit is 100 cents.

  2. Government financial analyst.

Sentences of Cfa

  1. The prosperous country has entered an economic crisis since France unilaterally devalued the CFA franc and allowed the International Monetary Fund to dictate its economic policies.