• Part of the insurance was transferred from the sedent to the reinsurer. The re-transfer of insurance by an insurance company is called retrocession.

  • You can define Cession as, Assignment is the distribution of risk by a sedentary entrusting reinsurance. Transfer risk is proportional or proportional to premiums and claims. Negotiations are based on practical benefits.

  • You can define Cession as, The amount insured by the original insurer, which is paid to the insurance company in the context of the insurance transaction.

  • Cession definition is: Insurance refers to the part of the liability that is transferred to the insurance company or agent.

  • You can define Cession as, Transferring risk from insurance company to insurance company.

Meanings of Cession

  1. Formal transfer of rights, property or territory by a state.

Sentences of Cession

  1. References to twenty major cities

Synonyms of Cession

handing over, granting, surrender, transference, ceding, conceding, concession, grant, transferral, transfer, surrendering, bequest, relinquishment, giving up, yielding