Definition of Cess:

  1. Alternative term for a tax. The term is still frequently used in a few countries including Britain, Ireland, to indicate a local tax, Scotland, to indicate a land tax, and India, applied as a suffix to a indicate a category of tax such as property-cess.

  2. (in Scotland, Ireland, and India) a tax or levy.

Synonyms of Cess

Levy, Tariff, Duty, Toll, Excise, Impost, Contribution, Assessment, Tribute, Tithe, Charge, Fee

How to use Cess in a sentence?

  1. A British cess will never be levied in the United States ever again, as it did before the American Revolution time period.
  2. You need to make sure that you are charging the correct cess so that you are paying the right amount to the government.
  3. This property-cess we owe to the government seems like it gets bigger and bigger every year that we live in this house!.
  4. Mandated by Common Minimum Programme, the Budget proposes a levy of two per cent cess on income tax, corporation tax, excise duties, customs duties and service tax.

Meaning of Cess & Cess Definition