Definition of Certified:

  1. Authoritatively or officially attested or confirmed as being genuine or true as represented, or as complying or meeting specified requirements or standards. It may or may not mean as being accompanied by a certificate.

Synonyms of Certified

Accepted, Acknowledged, Actual, Admitted, Affirmed, Alleged, Allowed, Announced, Approved, Ascertained, Asserted, Asseverated, Assured, Attested, Authenticated, Averred, Avouched, Avowed, Borne out, Categorically true, Certain, Circumstantiated, Conceded, Confessed, Confirmed, Corroborated, Countersigned, Covered, Decided, Declared, Demonstrated, Deposed, Determinate, Determined, Documentary, Effectual, Endorsed, Ensured, Enunciated, Established, Factual, Fixed, Granted, Guaranteed, Historical, In the bag, Insured, Made sure, Manifestoed, Nailed down, Not in error, Notarized, Objectively true, On ice, Open-and-shut, Pledged, Predicated, Professed, Pronounced, Proved, Proven, Ratified, Real, Received, Recognized, Sealed, Secure, Secured, Set, Settled, Shown, Signed, Stamped, Stated, Substantiated, Sure, Sure-enough, Sworn, Sworn and affirmed, Sworn to, Tested, Tried, True, True as gospel, Truthful, Unconfuted, Undenied, Underwritten, Undoubted, Unerroneous, Unfallacious, Unfalse, Unmistaken, Unquestionable, Unrefuted, Validated, Veracious, Verified, Veritable, Vouched, Vouched for, Vowed, Warranted

How to use Certified in a sentence?

  1. He was a certified salesman and that made me have confidence in him because he actually had the certificate too.
  2. In the business world the more things you are certified to do the more marketable you will be to employers.
  3. If you are looking for an accountant to do your taxes, be sure to find one that is certified to be sure the accountant is genuine.

Meaning of Certified & Certified Definition