Definition of Certified:

  1. Officially authorized or certified, or certified as authentic or genuine, as shown, either in accordance with specific requirements or standards. It may or may not be accompanied by a certificate

Synonyms of Certified

Pronounced, Secured, Attested, Not in error, Sure-enough, Declared, Underwritten, Undoubted, Predicated, Tested, Documentary, Set, Averred, Tried, Determinate, Affirmed, Substantiated, Accepted, Avouched, Validated, Shown, Sworn and affirmed, Historical, Determined, Unconfuted, Countersigned, Unmistaken, Alleged, Deposed, Demonstrated, Fixed, Nailed down, Vouched for, Received, Assured, Unquestionable, Allowed, Sure, Recognized, Decided, Conceded, Stated, Covered, Vouched, Corroborated, Unfalse, In the bag, Sealed, Verified, Warranted, Announced, Enunciated, Sworn, Admitted, Made sure, Undenied, Open-and-shut, Veritable, Categorically true, Asseverated, Factual, Unfallacious, Confessed, Avowed, Granted, Borne out, True as gospel, Vowed, Stamped, Truthful, Approved, Signed, Veracious, Unerroneous, Asserted, Ascertained, Notarized, Insured, Proven, Ensured, Unrefuted, Settled, Confirmed, Manifestoed, Authenticated, True, Objectively true, Secure, Professed, Sworn to, Endorsed, On ice, Guaranteed, Effectual, Pledged, Real, Proved, Certain, Established, Actual, Circumstantiated, Acknowledged, Ratified

How to use Certified in a sentence?

  1. He is a certified salesman and he trusts me because he has a certificate.
  2. In the business world, the more certified you are, the easier it will be to sell to employers.
  3. When looking for an accountant to take care of your taxes, find a certified accountant to make sure the accountant is genuine.

Meaning of Certified & Certified Definition

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