Certified mail

Certified mail,

Definition of Certified mail:

  1. A delivery service where the sender receives a certificate that the letter or package has been sent and the recipient signs it at the time of receipt.

  2. Postal service in which the sender accepts the signature of the recipient of the email on a form as proof of delivery to a particular recipient. If the recipient is not found, the e-mail will be returned to the sender. See also certified letter.

How to use Certified mail in a sentence?

  1. When I file my income tax return, do I have difficulty sending a registered letter or without a registered letter?
  2. If you want the letter or package to be delivered safely with proof, send it as an official letter.
  3. When filling out legal documents, I strongly recommend using a certified email, as this will help ensure that the desired recipient receives the message.
  4. I was tired of hearing that the bank had not yet received my payment, so I sent my next payment by registered mail.

Meaning of Certified mail & Certified mail Definition


What is The Definition of CERTIFIED MAIL?

  • The definition of CERTIFIED MAIL is: United States Postal Service Special Services. For insurance purposes, the certified letter is still the official proof of delivery to the recipient. When such a letter is delivered to the sender's letter, it is numbered and recorded, and a receipt is sent to the sender. The letter is then treated like any other high quality letter until it reaches the post office, which registers it before sending it to the carrier for delivery. Mail must be signed by the recipient or by someone acting on behalf of the recipient at the time of signing. These receipts are stored at the point of delivery so that proof of delivery can be made available later if required. For an additional fee, the postal service receives a date of delivery and a return receipt signed by that person. If the letter is only authenticated for the recipient's signature, a return confirmation is requested, the letter is marked as a limited supply and an additional fee is charged for this service.

Literal Meanings of CERTIFIED MAIL


Meanings of CERTIFIED:
  1. Be formally recognized for certain qualifications or to meet certain criteria.


Meanings of MAIL:
  1. Mail and parcels are sent through the postal system.

  2. Send by postal system (mail or order).

  3. Armor consisting of flexible metal plates or rings.

Sentences of MAIL
  1. I haven't received any email yet

  2. When you send coupons, they send you free trial packs

  3. Series of letters

Synonyms of MAIL

send, send by mail, dispatch, direct, forward, remit, transmit, email, airmail, armour, coat of mail, chain mail, chain armour