Certified copy

Certified copy,

Definition of Certified copy:

  1. Reproduction of a document or record, authenticated by the issuing authority or a competent third-party (such as a notary public) as a true facsimile of the original.

How to use Certified copy in a sentence?

  1. Some documents are so important that you should get a certified copy so that you know everything is fully official.
  2. When accepting a job placement in the United States, the new employee must complete forms for tax purposes that require a certified copy of any document that proves citizenship or a right to work, such as a birth certificate, a visa, or a green card, that has been notarized to prove authenticity.
  3. The certified copy was received and stored in the vault for safe keeping as we wanted to be certain there would be no problems.

Meaning of Certified copy & Certified copy Definition

Certified Copy,

Certified Copy Definition:

  1. The definition of Certified Copy is: Certified copies are copies of documents that have been certified as valid and valid copies. Insurance companies often make official copies of their policies when they are lost.

Literal Meanings of Certified Copy


Meanings of Certified:
  1. Be formally recognized for certain qualifications or to meet certain criteria.


Meanings of Copy:
  1. Something like this or something similar.

  2. An example of a specific book, note, edition or edition.

  3. Materials for printing.

  4. Empty notebook or notebook used for school work.

  5. Create a similar or similar version for reproduction.

  6. Imitate style or behavior.

  7. Listen or understand someone talking on a radio transmitter.

Sentences of Copy
  1. The problem is to know which ones are original and which are copies

  2. The album has sold over a million times

  3. Lies of subsequent editions, copies should be sent before the beginning of the month.

  4. Candidates cannot bring pens, photocopies or water bottles to the test center

  5. Each form must be copied and sent to a different department

  6. Lifestyle copied from Miami and Fifth Avenue

  7. This is Edward, copy, in

Synonyms of Copy

follow, photostat, carbon, edition, xerox, photocopy, emulate, parrot, echo, reproduce, mimeo, simulate, reprint, take a photocopy of, mirror, version, duplicate, mimic, mimeograph, ape, make a photocopy of, facsimile, duplication, carbon copy, issue, imprint, impression, imitate, run off