Definition of Certification:

  1. A formal procedure in which an approved or authorized person or body evaluates and reviews (and provides a written certificate of) the characteristics, characteristics, standards, qualifications or status, goods or services, processes or events or circumstances of a person or organization. Does) according to requirements or standards.

  2. The process or process of providing an official document to someone or something else is a confirmation of the status or level of performance.

Synonyms of Certification

Endorsement, Warranty, Ticket, Permission, Strengthening, Reassurance, Enabling, Sanction, Testimonial, Note, Reassurement, Rubber stamp, Sworn statement, Assurance, Support, Attestation, Documentation, Notarization, Bolstering, Ensuring, Diploma, Confirmation, Nod, Bearing out, Credential, Supporting evidence, Imprimatur, Backing up, Fortification, Reinforcement, Affirmation, OK, Seal, Affidavit, Countersignature, Proving, Witness, Green light, Vouching, Buttressing, Authorization, Undergirding, Corroboratory evidence, Checking, Ratification, Validation, Ascertainment, The nod, John Hancock, Check, Testimony, Sigil, Sworn testimony, Warrant, Stamp, Approval, Sheepskin, Authentication, Clearance, Affirmance, Circumstantiation, Establishment, Subscription, Empowerment, Enfranchisement, Authority, Navicert, Fiat, Certificate of proficiency, Vise, Signature, Go-ahead, Stamp of approval, Okay, Proof, Entitlement, Proving out, Voucher, Statement under oath, Verification, Testamur, Deposition, Certificate, Determination, Notarized statement, Visa, Collation, Signet, Acceptance, Approbation, Substantiation, Bill of health, Countenance, Swearing, Corroboration, Backing

How to use Certification in a sentence?

  1. Basic requirements for organic certification.
  2. Many jobs in the market today require at least a bachelor's degree and often a master's degree. Therefore, it is a great relief to know that many careers only need a certificate, which should be done faster and cheaper.
  3. To become an EMT, you need to get an EMT certificate, which means you have to take classes at 7 in the morning.
  4. The surveyor issues a construction boundary certificate to the owner after measuring and verifying the data.

Meaning of Certification & Certification Definition

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