Definition of Certificate:

  1. Internet Commerce: Documents or electronic messages that state party identity information and authenticate transactions. See also digital certificate.

  2. Legal: A legal document that declares compliance with legal requirements or the performance of an action, e.g. B. Certificate of conformity or certificate of establishment.

  3. Titles: Documents that prove that the holder has titles, for example. B. Sharing Certificate

  4. Provision or certificate in official documents.

  5. General: Written statements that document facts or confirm the results of enforcement.

  6. Official documents that prove some facts.

Synonyms of Certificate

Demand draft, Blank check, CD, Deposition, Postal order, Sight bill, Note, Debenture, Promissory note, Cheque, Time draft, Licence, Certification, Time bill, Witness, Letter of credit, Document, Diploma, IOU, Attestation, Bill, Credential, Sworn statement, Visa, Authorization, Trade acceptance, Draft, MO, Checkbook, Acceptance bill, Proof, Certified check, Note of hand, Commercial paper, Check, Treasury bill, Certificate of deposit, Authorization, Negotiable instrument, Diploma, Money order, Warranty, Ticket, Voucher, Bill of exchange, Testamur, Paper, Sight draft, Authority, Testimonial, Bank acceptance, Testimonial, Accreditation, Due bill, Certification, Certificate of proficiency, Affidavit, Credentials, Warrant, Notarized statement, Bill of draft, Exchequer bill, Verification, Guarantee, Bank check, Demand bill, Bill of health, Warrant, Voucher, Authentication, Acceptance, Sheepskin, Navicert, Vise

How to use Certificate in a sentence?

  1. The amount earned must be verified by the employer.
  2. This certificate is used in court as evidence and is accepted by the judge, which is very important for the outcome of our case.
  3. Eighth graders raised their degrees at the ceremony, indicating that they have completed high school and can continue to high school.
  4. This person must have a certificate of practice and be a member of the Board of Trustees and / or Trustees and Spirit Advertise Life.
  5. The user will receive a certificate stating that their content has expired.

Meaning of Certificate & Certificate Definition

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The definition of Certificate is: Declaration to insurance in a collective agreement, which regulates the basic provisions related to their insurance coverage.

You can define Certificate as, Documents issued by insurance proving that coverage complies with legal requirements (especially in the case of car insurance and occupational compensation insurance).

Meanings of Certificate

  1. An official document that proves the facts.

  2. An official rating of a film by a censorship committee that indicates its suitability for a certain age group.

  3. Presented or announced in official documents.

Sentences of Certificate

  1. 18 Certificates

  2. The amount received must be verified by the employer.


Certificate means,

  • The definition of Certificate is: Certificate issued to insured persons by collective agreement, which contains the necessary provisions for their protection.

  • It must be issued by the insurance company as proof that the insurance complies with legal requirements (ie, in the case of motor insurance and occupational compensation insurance).


Certificate Meanings:

Certificates issued to insurers by mutual agreement, which contain the necessary conditions for their protection.

It should be issued by the insurer as proof that the insurance is up-to-date with appropriate compliance with the legal requirements (ie in the case of motor insurance and occupational compensation insurance).

Meanings of Certificate

  1. Official documents that prove the facts.

  2. An official rating of a film by the Censorship Committee that indicates that it is suitable for a certain age group.

  3. Presentation or announcement in official documents.