Certificate of compliance

Certificate of compliance,

Definition of Certificate of compliance:

  1. Documents certified by the competent authority that the goods or services provided meet the required specifications. A certificate of synchronization, also known as a certificate of conformity.

How to use Certificate of compliance in a sentence?

  1. We've got a certificate of compliance that we know well because it's a positive thing that means you're good.
  2. All employees of our agency must complete security training before receiving a government-issued compliance.
  3. Our remote warehouse did not match the air conditioning, which we proudly hang in the staff break room.

Meaning of Certificate of compliance & Certificate of compliance Definition

Certificate Of Compliance,

Certificate Of Compliance Meanings:

  • The definition of Certificate Of Compliance is: A statement from the Insurance Department or other regulatory body stating that the insurer complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Literal Meanings of Certificate Of Compliance


Meanings of Certificate:
  1. Official documents that prove some facts.

  2. Provision or certificate in official documents.

Sentences of Certificate
  1. The customer will then receive a certificate confirming that their content has expired.

  2. The amount earned must be verified by the employer

Synonyms of Certificate

verification, authentication, licence, document, warrant, diploma, authorization, certification, guarantee, accreditation, proof, voucher, credentials, testimonial


Meanings of Of:
  1. Shows association between two entities, usually an association.

  2. It shows the relationship between the address and the historical landmark.

  3. Express the relationship between a general type or type and the specific items that fall into this category.

Synonyms of Of

made by, caused by, from, by, carried out by, of, done by, in


Meanings of Compliance:
  1. The act or process of fulfilling a wish or command.

  2. When a substance is subjected to force, its property undergoes elastic deformation or change in volume (gas). This is the opposite of harshness.

Sentences of Compliance
  1. Their cooperation or compliance should be ensured

  2. It looks good and has a good balance between rigidity and elasticity, but the round shapes look weird compared to the modern shapes.

Synonyms of Compliance

compliance, yielding, consent, acceptance, agreement, accession, capitulation