Definition of Certainty:

  1. Theoretical condition in which decision making is without risk, because the decision maker has all the information about the exact outcome of the decision, before he or she makes the decision.

  2. Firm conviction that something is the case.

Synonyms of Certainty

Confidence, Sureness, Positiveness, Conviction, Certitude, Reliability, Assuredness, Assurance, Validity, Conclusiveness, Authoritativeness, Truth, Fact, Factualness, Absolutely, Absoluteness, Acceptation, Acception, Acquiescence, Act of God, Actuality, Anticipation, Assurance, Assuredly, Assuredness, Authoritativeness, Belief, Certainly, Certitude, Confidence, Connection, Contemplation, Conviction, Credence, Credit, Credulity, Definitely, Definiteness, Dependence, Dogmatism, Expectancy, Expectation, Fact, Faith, Fate, Fatefulness, Firmness, For a certainty, For sure, Force majeure, Hope, Imminence, Indefeasibility, Indubitably, Ineluctability, Inescapableness, Inevasibleness, Inevitability, Inevitable accident, Inevitableness, Inexorability, Inflexibility, Irrevocability, Necessity, Positively, Positiveness, Positivism, Predetermination, Probability, Prospect, Reality, Reception, Relentlessness, Reliance, Reliance on, Self-assurance, Staunchness, Steadiness, Stock, Store, Sure thing, Surely, Sureness, Surety, Suspension of disbelief, Thought, Trust, Truth, Unastonishment, Unavoidable casualty, Unavoidableness, Uncontrollability, Undeflectability, Undeniably, Undoubtedly, Unpreventability, Unquestionably, Unyieldingness, Vis major

How to use Certainty in a sentence?

  1. She knew with absolute certainty that they were dead.
  2. In the business world you rarely know anything with a certainty so you just have to rely on your gut instincts.
  3. I went into the cave without a lot of certainty that I would ever come out again, but I went in anyways.
  4. Before investing in a stock, make sure with all certainty that the stock should go up and you are able to make money from your investment.

Meaning of Certainty & Certainty Definition