Centro De Salgado

Centro De Salgado

Is it considered the center or center of breakfast?

One hundred.

You're gray!

Centro De Salgado

Centro De Salgado

Tell these fabitos that I will make a sound, or I will make a hundred, but mention the number 100. For example: one hundred and one, one hundred and so on. If we don't have sales or other groceries, we say we send 100 units, soon 2%. Ask them to go to a college or a city for a while and study.


Sub M Center [Citro]

The first step

Or around the center

Or the city center.

Wave 2 seeks activity.

Cultural Center


Health Center


Large space with many shops.


subst m cent [sº½tu] unit group hundred.

About a hundred apples.

With hundreds of things or people.

About 20% (20%) fat cheese.

Fifteen percent discount (15 percent)

I'm not sure what a group of ENT CENTO 100 means.

Sen = 100.

Center = Home = Center = Million.

100 100 rate

Center - Medium. Example: I will go to the city center.

Centro De Salgado