Celsius scale

Celsius scale,

Definition of Celsius scale:

  1. Of or denoting a scale of temperature on which water freezes at 0° and boils at 100° under standard conditions.

  2. The Celsius scale of temperature.

  3. Metric scale in which the temperature range between the freezing point (zero degree Celsius or 0°C) and the boiling point (one hundred degrees Celsius or 100°C) of water is divided into 100 equal fractions (degrees). Formerly known as Centigrade scale, it is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-44) who in 1742 invented the inverted form of this scale.

How to use Celsius scale in a sentence?

  1. A temperature of less than 25° Celsius.
  2. Most of our temperatures will be presented in Celsius, but you can grab a Celsius to Fahrenheit converter here.

Meaning of Celsius scale & Celsius scale Definition