Definition of Ceiling:

  1. A limit is a pre-determined limit or limit in which the amount (such as interest rate, stock, sale price) cannot be increased in accordance with the terms of the agreement or the terms of the agreement. And how sanctions or corrective measures are mobilized. It is also called a hat before landing.

  2. The inner layer of the bottom and sides of the boat.

  3. The inner surface of a room or other similar basket.

Synonyms of Ceiling

Summit, Evidence, Prominence, Price ceiling, Trough, Lantern, Slates, Acme, Hole, Confine, Definition, Burn, Jetstream, Skylight, Eaves, Plainness, Altitude, Blast-off, Peak, Perpendicular distance, Tail wind, Bound, Starting line, Rooftop, Threshold, Descent, Floor price, Patentness, Uttermost, Plafond, Interface, Aerospace, Rooftree, Bottom price, Ceiling unlimited, Rocket launching, Roof, Height, Tiles, Troposphere, Determinant, Inflationary spiral, Compass, CAT, Overcast, Ceiling price, Highest degree, Tallness, Circumscription, Eminence, Boundary line, Elevation, End of burning, Evidentness, Line, Delimitation, Flight, Limit, Heighth, Shoot, Turbulence, Penthouse, Roughness, Cutoff, Bump, Apogee, Climax, Top, Top price, Demand curve, Floor, Clarity, Roofage, Deadline, Sublimity, Roof-deck, Automatic control, Pinnacle, Vaulting, Ne plus ultra, Line of demarcation, Air hole, Time allotment, Launch, Toploftiness, Substratosphere, Head wind, Airspace, Percipi, Overhead, Upper limit, Terminus, Highness, Border line, Manifestness, Trajectory, Ionosphere, Hauteur, Pocket, Conspicuity, Shingles, Cutoff point, Low visibility, Distinctness, Atmospheric visibility, Tropopause, Mete, Boundary, Low-water mark, Bourn, Crosswind, Crown, March, Seeing, Roofing, Consumer price index, Break boundary, Cost-of-living index, Hedge, End, Visibility, Velocity peak, Term, Aerosphere, Terminal date, Space, Target date, Utmost, Mark, Impact, Finish, Maximum, Price level, Start, Utmost extent, Extremity, Visibility zero, Rising prices, Visibility unlimited, Roof, High-pressure area, Extreme, The whole, Conspicuousness, Altitude peak, Housetop, Nth degree, Boundary condition, Limen, Limitation, Division line, Roof garden, Price index, Crystal-clearness, Air pocket, Lift-off, High-water mark, Soup, Exaltation, Front, Vault, Lower limit, Loftiness, Inflation, Roofpole, Favorable wind, Burnout, Shot, Frontier, Ridgepole, Definiteness, Breakoff point, Stratosphere, Starting point, Low-pressure area, High visibility, Fog, Obviousness, Stature, Empty space, All, Business index, Limiting factor, Clearness, Ignition

How to use Ceiling in a sentence?

  1. Books stood from floor to ceiling.

Meaning of Ceiling & Ceiling Definition


How To Define Ceiling?

  1. Restrictions on some financial products that represent the highest allowable income in a given period. For example, if the retirement value is 3.75%, the maximum amount you can earn during a given period, even if the market return is high.

Meanings of Ceiling

  1. The upper inner surface of a room or other similar basket.

Sentences of Ceiling

  1. Books were arranged up to the ceiling floor

Synonyms of Ceiling

topside covering , canopy , dome , timber , plafond , covert , planchement , plaster , fan vaulting , beam , baldachin , highest point , roofing , groin , housetop