Ceded Reinsurance Leverage

Ceded Reinsurance Leverage,

How Do You Define Ceded Reinsurance Leverage?

Seed reinsurance lending is an index that calculates the extent to which the insurance company calculates the amount of insurance that it relies on to cover its risk. The formula includes insurance premiums, premiums and commissions that were not received in advance, surplus insurance and insurance remittances, to non-US affiliates who paid and called for irreparable losses (INBR). Compensation has been received. The higher the quota, the more dependent the insurance will be on the PIN insurance bond.

In addition to the ratio of insurance premiums to non-US affiliates, the ratio of uninsured, unpaid, irreparable, but unreported (IBNR) losses, premiums and net insurance balances for commissions paid by most insurance companies. Received less funds than before. Insurance balance maintained by additional policyholders. This index measures the insurance coverage of a company's insurance and the potential risk of its insurance is adjusted accordingly.

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