Definition of Cede:

  1. Give up (power or territory).

  2. Assign, grant, relinquish, or surrender, such as an interest or right.

Synonyms of Cede

Surrender, Concede, Relinquish, Yield, Part with, Give up, Abalienate, Abandon, Abdicate, Abjure, Accord, Acknowledge defeat, Alien, Alienate, Amortize, Assign, Barter, Beg a truce, Bequeath, Capitulate, Cease, Come to terms, Concede, Confer, Consign, Convey, Cry pax, Cry quits, Deed, Deed over, Deliver, Demise, Desist from, Devolve upon, Disgorge, Dispense with, Dispose of, Do without, Drop, Dump, Enfeoff, Exchange, Forgo, Forswear, Get along without, Get rid of, Give, Give away, Give over, Give title to, Give up, Give way, Grant, Hand, Hand down, Hand on, Hand over, Have done with, Implore mercy, Kiss good-bye, Lay down, Leave, Leave off, Make a sacrifice, Make over, Negotiate, Part with, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Pray for quarter, Quitclaim, Recant, Relinquish, Remise, Render up, Renounce, Resign, Retract, Sacrifice, Say uncle, Sell, Settle, Settle on, Sign away, Sign over, Spare, Surrender, Swear off, Throw up, Trade, Transfer, Transmit, Turn over, Turn up, Vacate, Vouchsafe, Waive, Yield, Yield the palm

How to use Cede in a sentence?

  1. They have had to cede control of the schools to the government.

Meaning of Cede & Cede Definition