Cease and desist

Cease and desist,

Definition of Cease and desist:

  1. Finance: An order issued by a court or government agency pursuant to the implementation of the Financial Institutions Regulator Act of 1978. This order is aimed to prohibit or suspend activities that may not be legal and the parties are given an opportunity to be heard during a hearing. Often, this is issued to prevent practice of risky banking procedures.

  2. Law: An order issued by a court or a government agency which prohibits an enterprise from engaging in a certain venture or from continuing an existing one.

  3. Cease and desist can take one of two forms: an order (injunction) issued by a government administrative agency or the courts to stop suspicious or illegal activities, or a letter, typically written by an attorney, often a first formal step taken to ask a party to stop performing an illegal activity. A cease-and-desist order has legal power. A cease-and-desist letter is not legally binding, although a follow-up lawsuit could be.

  4. As noted above, the two types of cease and desist have different levels of legal power and require different responses.

  5. Denoting a legally enforceable order from a court or government agency directing someone to stop engaging in a particular activity.

How to use Cease and desist in a sentence?

  1. They received a cease-and-desist order for conducting unlicensed property management activities.

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