What is the CDPUsersvc service?

CDpusersvc is a mysterious Windows 10 service. It is set to automatic. The description also fails, he says he can't read the description. Error code 15100. Many Windows 10 users also report that CDpusersvc is really buggy.

What does the CDPSvc service have to do with this?

Connected Devices Platform Service (CDPSvc) is a Win32 service. It starts only when the user, app or other services launch it on Windows 10 Home 1507, Windows 10 Pro 1507, Windows 10 Education 1507, Windows 10 Enterprise 1507.

In addition to the points mentioned above, how can the platform service be deactivated for connected devices?

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run prompt.
  2. Type Services.msc and press Enter.
  3. Double-click the Connected Device Platform service to open its properties.
  4. Click Shut Down, then click the Startup Type drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Manual option and click Apply.

And what is the connected device platform?The Connected Device Platform Service Protocol allows devices such as PCs and smartphones to recognize messages and send them to each other. Provides a transport diagnostic tool to establish connections between all users' devices and allow them to communicate over a secure protocol.

What is OneSyncSVC?

The OneSyncSVC service is linked to reminders, emails, updates, to-do lists, and more. Anyone who uses Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Mail, and more. OneSyncSVC updates emails, to-do lists, reminders, and other similar apps that need updates.

What is main messaging?

CoreMessaging An essential service that manages communication between system components. Data sharing service Provides data sharing between applications.

What is UnistoreSvc?

Unistor Svc. Provides applications with access to structured user data, including contact information, calendar, and messages. If you stop or disable this service, applications that use this data may not function correctly.

What is UnistackSvcGroup?

What is UnistackSvcGroup? UnistackSvcGroup contains a service called UniStore Service which is part of the Windows Store. The reason this service is running and using your resources could be related to the store updating your apps.

Can I deactivate the data sharing service?

To disable data sharing with Microsoft, you need to use a third-party application. because Windows does not provide a way to disable the tracking of personal information. Select the services / applications for which you want to prohibit data sharing. Now click on Get Data Protection.

How do you disable CDPUserSvc?

How do I disable CDPUserSvc? Press Windows + R to open the Run prompt. Type Services.msc and press Enter. Find the connected device platform user service in the list. Double-click the service and choose the Stop button. Click the Startup Type drop-down menu and select Disabled.

What is the device selection service?

Remote device selection allows a user to select a device nearby or in the cloud in a dialog box. The app can then use this information to run various scenarios using Project Rome, such as: B. opening and interacting with an app on the selected device.

What is PimIndexMaintenanceSvc?

This is a network monitor and Windows background troubleshooter. Contact Information (PimIndexMaintenanceSvc) Windows 10 service defaults: Index contact information for quick contact searches. If you stop or disable this service, your contacts may be missing from the search results.

How is user experience and telemetry associated?

Connected User Experiences and Telemetry, originally called Diagnostics Tracking or DiagTracK, is a Windows service that runs automatically and sends data to Microsoft.

What is a data exchange service?

The data sharing service allows data sharing between two applications and runs as LocalSystem in a process shared by svchost.exe. Other services can run in the same process. If the data sharing service is not loaded or initialized, Windows 10 will start.

What is the device pairing service?

Device Link Service Windows 10 Service. Connect the system to wired or wireless devices. This service is also available in Windows 8.

What does the feature include?

In Windows 10, Cast to Device (formerly known as Play To) is a feature that allows you to cast content such as videos, music and photos to another device (including Xbox One) using Windows Media Player using DLNA or Miracast technology.

Which service does OneDrive use?

OneDrive is Microsoft's popular cloud storage service integrated with Office 365. Set up the OneDrive sync client as a Windows service with AlwaysUp - download OneDrive and install it if needed.

What is UserDataSvc?

Order from. 10. This is the User Data Access Service (UserDataSvc), which allows applications to access user data, including contact information, calendar, messages and other content. Applications need this service because applications run in a sandbox and cannot access data like desktop applications.

What is the map processing service downloaded?

Download Windows 10 Service. Windows Application Service for downloaded maps. This service triggers applications to request access to downloaded maps. If you turn off this service, apps won't be able to access Maps.