CDC-504 Loan

CDC-504 Loan,

What is The Meaning of CDC-504 Loan?

CDC-504 Loan refers to The SBA Loan Program offers long-term fixed rate loans of up to rate 10 million to finance fixed assets such as land and buildings.

Literal Meanings of CDC-504 Loan


Meanings of CDC:
  1. Center for Disease Control.


Meanings of Loan:
  1. Loan (cash or goods)

  2. Some loans, especially one that must be repaid with interest.

  3. Streets or narrow roads, especially those leading to open ground.

Sentences of Loan
  1. The word processor was taken from us in the theater

  2. Borrowers can apply for a کے 84,000 loan

Synonyms of Loan

credit, give credit, lend, advance, allow