Definition of Caustic:

  1. That destructive and bitter rhetoric.

  2. It is formed by the intersection of parallel rays which are reflected or reflected from the curved surfaces.

  3. Corrosion substances

  4. Caustic or curved surface

  5. This chemical process can burn or damage organic tissue.

  6. Corrosion material with caustic soda. See also bleach

Synonyms of Caustic

Acerbic, Set against, Colliding, Scorching, Electrocautery, Coarse, Poignant, Moxa, Sore, Critical, Cutting, Acerbate, Amaroidal, Sarcastic, Lunar caustic, Razor-edged, Scathing, Acute, Derisive, Terse, Out of humor, Splenetic, Sardonic, Acid, Malignant, Harsh, Bow, Waspish, Hateful, Sharp, Piquant, Curve, Succinct, Bitter, Bitter, Rancorous, Spiteful, Penetrating, Satiric, Acerb, Burning, Rabelaisian, Arc, Trenchant, Scathing, Rankled, ■■■■, Pungent, Edged, Hostile, Potential cautery, Fierce, Acidulous, Stabbing, Conflicting, Severe, Rigorous, Vehement, Mordant, Asperous, Withering, Full of hate, Festoon, Irritating, Stinging, Astringent, Catacaustic, Branding iron, Acerbic, Double-edged, Acrimonious, Acrimonious, Biting, Malevolent, Parabola, Hard, Curl, Stewing, Acid, Stringent, Belligerent, Corrosive, Brand iron, Sour, Mordacious, Scornful, Crisp, Sardonic, Discontented, Trenchant, Cauterant, Tracery, Diacaustic, Escharotic, Salty, Mordant, Antagonistic, Vitriolic, Resenting, Nose-tickling, Virulent, Rough, Corroding, Acrid, Hyperbola, Out of temper, Biting, Radium, Clashing, Venomous, Ironic, Catenary, Violent, Cautery, Corroding, Acidic, Lituus, Acid, Rapier-like, Circle, Sharp, Polemic, Feeling evil, Resentful, Incisive, Alkaline, Virulent, Vitriolic, Venomous, Despiteful, Cauter, Hot iron, Critical, Quarrelsome, Burning, Piercing, Actual cautery, Angry, Acidulent, Keen, Out of sorts, Antipathetic, Ironic, Cynical, Pungent, Harsh, Sinus, Destructive, Brisk, Conchoid, Stinging, Dry, Malicious, Ellipse, Pithy, Tart, Bitter as gall, Cutting, Mordant, Embittered, Tart, Brand, Strident, Corrosive, Stinging, Sarcastic, Choleric, Astringent, Cauterizer, Crook, Repugnant, Destructive, Acrid

How to use Caustic in a sentence?

  1. The players made harsh comments on the referee.
  2. However, the explanation of this general contradictory change has revealed many theoretical manifestations in which caustics and contradictions are found.
  3. Caustic cleaner.
  4. Cereals, yeast, ethanol, acids and caustics used for cleaning are shipped as animal feed or are discarded and reused industrially.
  5. In the On-Burning Mirror, Duxis also explored the problem of looking for a mirror so that the reflected light veil is a specific grocery curve, or finding a reflection that draws attention to a specific curve when the sun crosses the sky.

Meaning of Caustic & Caustic Definition