Definition of Cause:

  1. A case that will be decided in court.

  2. Making (something particularly bad) possible.

  3. A principle, goal or movement that we defend or want to maintain through a deep commitment.

  4. The person or thing that leads to action, phenomena or situations.

  5. Actions, impracticalities or events that cause changes, effects, reactions or consequences, or provide a basis for initiating legal action.

Synonyms of Cause

Evoke, Motivate, Belief in, Generator, Commitment, Promote, Realize, Institute, Beginnings, Begin, Right, Case, Spark off, Result in, Call, Reason for being, Have, Perform, Ambition, Occasion, Necessity, Agent, Ideal, Starting point, Establish, Set afloat, Reason, Inaugurate, Secure, Give occasion to, Mainspring, Work up, Obligation, Legal proceedings, Issue, Principle, Bear, Occasion, Goad, Tenet, Sake, Matter, Originator, Principle, Inducement, Execute, Achieve, Impulse, Origin, Goal, Bring on, Force, Undertaking, Producer, Calling, Produce, Lodestar, Drive, Legal process, Genesis, Origin, Root, Trigger, Found, Impel, Spawn, Bring to fruition, Justification, Foundation, Action, Seed, Set on foot, Give rise to, Lead to, Germ, Lifework, Effect, Whip up, Overproduce, Warrant, Father, Bring to pass, Determinant, Muster up, Get up, Ulterior motive, Enforce, Suit, Call up, Inspire, Aspiration, Crusade, Breed, Beginning, Good reason, Grounds, Stir up, Constrain, Act, Set up, Prosecution, Antecedent, Be the cause of, Call forth, Create, Judicial process, Make happen, Precipitate, Work, Hatch, Guiding star, Elicit, Bring about, Faith, Great cause, Create, Litigation, Inspiration, Effect, Spring, Beget, Concern, Induce, Activity, Material basis, Bring on, Do, Sire, Originate, Kindle, Prime mover, Mass movement, Engender, Summon up, Gestate, Proceedings, Prompt, Generate, Movement, Give origin to, Vocation, Suit at law, Bind, Use force upon, Source, Provoke, Bring into being, Draw on, Cause in court, Belief, Source, Ideal, Score, Consideration, Campaign, Engineer, Produce, Agency, Compel, Touch off, Substance, Legal remedy, Legal case, Creator, Generate, Accomplish, Tie, Occasion, Cause to, Give rise to, Bring forth, Bring about, Industrialize, Volume-produce, Ground, Conviction, Belief, Provoke, Induce, Give birth to, Motive, Basis, Engender, Intention, Author, Be productive, Originate, Agency, Conceive, Mass-produce, Lawsuit, Promote, Interest, Prompt, Effectuate, Legal action, Precipitate, Bring to pass, Guiding light, Bring to effect, Incentive, Genesis, Inspire, Make, Root, Foster, Lead to, Restrain

How to use Cause in a sentence?

  1. Mr. Tortelini is back in good spirits, and the Koreans are wondering what can be done to improve her mood so much in the last three weeks.
  2. All actions react in the same way and in opposite directions, so there must be a root cause that triggers this series of events.
  3. For the March meeting, 45 reasons were listed.
  4. This disease can cause blindness.
  5. After saying everything about Jeff's sister and friends, Jeff was right to punch the man in the face.
  6. He dedicated his life to deafness.
  7. The cause of the accident was not immediately clear.

Meaning of Cause & Cause Definition

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Transition words for first body paragraph
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What is free chlorine
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Iud acne
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What is mascara made out of
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Breaker switch
Patching plaster walls
Standing water in dishwasher
Flip screen windows
Styling gel
San vs nas
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Does advil help with cramps
Differin purge
Vitamin b3 for skin
Workout videos for women
Well pump service
Best products for hormonal acne
Is retinol good for acne
New york state tax rate
Turn the alarm off
How often to water tomatoes
Hair mist
Sodium phosphate
Where to get botox
Why is my fridge leaking
Green concealer
How soon can you detect pregnancy
Can you put vinyl flooring over tile
Tv size for room calculator
Not responding
Best shampoo and conditioner for men
Bromine pool
Diy hair mask for hair growth
Mountain dew energy drink
Best soft pillows
Methylated spirits
Youtube sound not working
Head massage tool
Why am i so skinny
Human grade dog food
Eating oysters
Why are my apps crashing
Washable cotton rugs
Foam bed
Why is my skin breaking out
Is boric acid safe for pets
Thigh dimples
Paraben free shampoo
Ficus care
Tile shower niche
Engine light meaning
Brow growth serum
Why won t my printer print
Under eye color corrector
Light copper hair color
Aloe vera cream
Hard reset iphone 12
Marble bathroom
Best hair treatment for damaged hair
Blackhead cleaner
Space saving storage
Coconut oil for dry scalp
Sour gum tree
Dog teething
El erian
How long do acne scars last
Can you develop tourettes
Good dry shampoo
Thatching grass
Check if phone is unlocked
How to treat stretch marks
Charcoal grilling for beginners
Auto mouse clicker
How many carbs is considered low carb
Caprylic triglyceride
Underarm blackheads
Large Capacity Washing Machine
Exogenous ketones
Best drugstore makeup remover
Hiking gear for women
What does hybrid mean
Tiny wood bugs
Turn off phone
Why am i not getting my emails on my iphone
Bathroom wall decor ideas
Abs with cardio
Shower Head Flow Restrictor
Snake eyes review
Fruity loops mac
Alternaria mold
Dns poisoning
Rosemary extract
Does mold smell
Best amino acids
Virginia creeper berries
Gutter cleaning service
Baby laundry soap
The connection was reset
Laptop keys
How to fix a yard that holds water
Why is fracking good
Toptech thermostat
How to apply under eye concealer
Menopause acne
Zoom not responding
Seabreeze hair
Niacinamide and retinol
Samsung qled vs lg oled
Zinc supplement for kids
Best drugstore sunscreen for face
Home water pressure
White spots on leaves
Shut off phone
Wood porch ceiling
Touch lamp control
Melasma treatment cream
Pregnancy acne
Bulk garden soil near me
Best foundation for acne
Liquid exfoliator
Zit under skin
Concrete repair products
Lane chest
Botox side effects pictures
Pimple turned into hard lump under skin
Does corn have carbs
How to connect printer to wifi
Laser hair removal for dark skin at home
Best car mats
Tree of life vitamin c serum
Outdoor hot tub ideas
Home gutters
Iphone touch screen not working
Loud dog barking
Difference between botox and fillers
How to treat whiteheads
Broken blood vessels on face
Surfside condo demolition
Can you take too many vitamins
How to get rid of hard whiteheads on face
How to stop smoke detector from chirping without battery
Best allergy medication
Pruning lavender
Best mattress for side sleepers
Concrete epoxy coating
Best baby oatmeal
How long does acne last
Orange vitamin c
Overnight hair mask
Tattoo pain
How to grow hair back
Whats biting me at night
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How Do You Define Cause?

  • Definition of Cause: Lawsuit, litigation or lawsuit. Civil, criminal, contentious or judicial matters.

Meanings of Cause

  1. The person or thing that leads to action, phenomena or situations.

  2. A principle, goal or movement that we defend or want to maintain through a deep commitment.

  3. A case that will be decided in court.

  4. Make something (especially something bad) possible.

Sentences of Cause

  1. The cause of the accident was not immediately clear

  2. He dedicated his life to deafness

  3. For the March meeting, 45 reasons were listed


How To Define Cause?

  1. Cause means: Lawsuit, lawsuit or lawsuit. Any question, civil or controversial or controversial, whether it is judicial.

Meanings of Cause

  1. Anything or thing that leads to an action, trend or condition.

  2. The principles, goals or actions she defends and what she wants or wants to defend.

  3. Decide in court

  4. Why an acronym?

Sentences of Cause

  1. Dedicates her entire adult life to deaf causes.

Synonyms of Cause

belief (in), aim, seat, enterprise, enkindle, wellspring, object, bottom, begetter, fons et origo, fount, objective, radix, maker, purpose, beginning(s), base, charity, fountainhead