Definition of Caucus:

  1. Political party organizational structure under which private meetings are held to choose nominees for party posts, gather support for a particular candidate, formulate policies, plan strategies, or to discuss party issues.

  2. Broad-based group formed to consider a problem and make suggestions.

Synonyms of Caucus

Assemblee, Assembly, Assignation, At home, Ball, Brawl, Breakaway group, By-election, Camp, Closed primary, Colloquium, Commission, Committee, Conclave, Concourse, Congregation, Congress, Congressional caucus, Congressional election, Contested election, Conventicle, Convention, Convocation, Council, Dance, Date, Diet, Direct primary, Division, Eisteddfod, Election, Ethnic group, Faction, Festivity, Fete, Forgathering, Forum, Gathering, General election, Gerrymander, Get-together, Housewarming, Interest, Interest group, Levee, Mandatory primary, Meet, Meeting, Minority group, Nonpartisan primary, Offshoot, Open primary, Optional primary, Packed caucus, Panel, Partisan election, Party, Plenum, Political party, Politicize, Preference primary, Presidential election, Presidential preference primary, Presidential primary, Pressure group, Primary, Primary election, Prom, Quorum, Rally, Reception, Referendum, Rendezvous, Runoff, Runoff election, Runoff primary, Seance, Secret caucus, Sect, Session, Shindig, Side, Silent majority, Sit-in, Sitting, Soiree, Splinter, Splinter group, Symposium, Synod, Turnout, Vocal minority, Wing

How to use Caucus in a sentence?

  1. Some states use caucus es in order to select presidential nominees, so they are important in the U.S. election process.
  2. Caucus es are usually held in smaller venues than primaries, often in individuals homes.
  3. The Iowa caucus receives significant media attention in the United States because it is the first major electoral event in the Presidential nomination process.

Meaning of Caucus & Caucus Definition