What is The Meaning of Catch-22?

  1. Catch-22 refers to A harsh word, to speak harshly, refers directly to a problem that fails to solve itself. Misused to explain invincible or difficult problem. From a meaningful book by Joseph Hellers to see the true nature of the clutch.

Literal Meanings of Catch-22


Meanings of Catch:
  1. Hold and hold (something that has been thrown, thrown or dropped)

  2. Catch (a person or animal trying to escape)

  3. (Of something) accidentally got stuck or stuck in something.

  4. Arrive on time and board (train, bus or plane)

  5. Involved (people's interest or imagination)

  6. Hit (someone) anywhere on the body.

  7. Getting an infection or disease.

  8. It ignites on contact with the flame and begins to burn.

  9. A protective device for something like a door, window or box.

  10. Hidden problems or troubles in seemingly ideal situations.

  11. Irregularity in a person's voice due to emotions.

Sentences of Catch
  1. He threw the bottle in the air and grabbed it

  2. The bracelet is still on your shirt

  3. He was found in Chicago at 12:15 p.m.

  4. It was a business plan that caught his attention.

  5. Rod beam

  6. I find myself looking for an easy step sign and can see the pain.

  7. Rusty window lock

Synonyms of Catch

kindle, burn, connect with, develop, complication, drawback, be taken ill with, gain, engross, bewitch, intertwine, engage, be stricken with, clench, arrest, hang on to, go down with, hook, ravel, knot, entwine, take, smack, shake, reach in time, make