Catastrophe Plan

Catastrophe Plan,

How Do You Define Catastrophe Plan?

  1. Catastrophe Plan can be defined as, A strategy has been developed that details how a particular organization responds to disasters.

Literal Meanings of Catastrophe Plan


Meanings of Catastrophe:
  1. An event that causes major and often sudden or catastrophic damage.

Sentences of Catastrophe
  1. National economic catastrophe

Synonyms of Catastrophe

ruination, blow, holocaust, disaster, shock, crisis, cataclysm, ruin, calamity, tragedy


Synonyms of Plan

project, fix up, arrange, make a map of, draft, recipe, hope, sketch out, intent, objective, programme, method, make a representation of, draw up a plan of, schedule, outline, work out, devise, organize, plan of action, formulate, goal, concoct, develop, prepare, scheme, idea, line up, intention, design